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Drinking Game / Just Cause 2

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Take a Drink:

  • Everytime you hear "For the Glory of Panau!!"
  • For every poor pronunciation of an English word.
  • Everytime you fly a plane and do not land it
  • For every enemy car you destroy in a chase
  • Everytime you use the Black Market
  • Everytime you bail out of a car (or other vehicle) and it explodes almost instantly
  • Everytime you successfully complete a vehicle hijacking right before that vehicle explodes

Take a Shot:

  • For every base you clear
  • Every time you hijack a Helicopter
    • If it is promptly shot down by a SAM, take another
  • Every time you die
  • If your car starts spinning uncontrollably
  • Every time you take off in the Pell Silverbolt 6
  • You fly the Bering I-86DP
  • You effectively use any fighter plane
  • You damage a car to the point where it lights on fire

For Death Seekers:

  • Take a shot any time anything explodes.
    • You'll be rushed to the hospital before you even finish the first mission.
    • And if you're stupid enough to count the artillery explosions, you'll be dead before you've finished the first cutscene.


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