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  • There's a nosepicking animation for civilians.
  • Stunt jumping unto a civilian's vehicle while it is in motion yields such classic dialogue as "HAY! WHAT YOU DOING!? GET OFFAR MAYH CAAH!!!".
  • This exchange from the mission Political Debate:
    Quinrung Theng: Stop this car and let me go! You do not know who you are messing with here!
    Rico: Mr Theng, either you come with me willingly, or I cut off your hands and bitch-slap you with them all the way to where we're going.
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  • Listen to the propaganda trailers sometime. Panay's evil is so over-the-top it's impossible to take seriously.
    Rejoice, people of Panau. Your glorious and humble leader, President Panay, speaks to you. There is great news! I have tried and executed 30 criminals personally in less than one hour. How great and good our country is to have such a justice system.

    Listen most carefully, people of Panau. President Panay, your glorious and humble leader, must speak. Free photographs of your President and his staff are now available in all government buildings. (beat) REJOICE!
  • "I hate ninjas." How often does Rico fight ninjas that he's already sick of it?
  • Tether a Panauan Soldier, Elite to something like a lamp post and then blow at him with the Air Propulsion Gun until the wire snaps. Hilarity Ensues.
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  • In the second mission of the game Rico has to save a guy named Karl Blaine because he needs his help. What makes this mission funny is that Karl is completely drunk off his ass and under attack at a local casino. Despite all logic and reason he actually manages to hold off his attackers (who are trained soldiers) by himself with just a handgun while Rico comes to save him. One of the highlights is when the two finally meet up and Rico nonchalantly tosses a live grenade across the hallway while talking to Blaine which then blows a random enemy soldier across the top of the screen.
  • Sometimes when rampaging through an enemy base with a helicopter, Rico will hum "Ride of the Valkyries".
  • In spite of technically being harmless, NPCs still react to the Bubble Blaster as if it's a real gun, complete with civilians covering themselves in fear of getting shot, etc.
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  • Just this video. It may seem like one of the many videos where a player drives a vehicle down a cliff, but watch what happens when the bus touches the water.
  • when wielding a minigun you are unable to use your grappling hook. If you stagger, however (from, say, walking off of a small ledge), then you're able to use the grappling hook for a brief moment. If you do, well...

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