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Drinking Game / Blade Runner

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Drinking game for the Blade Runner franchise.

Blade Runner

  • Each time the word "Replicant" is pronounced, drink.
  • Each time the word "Blade Runner" is pronounced, drink.
  • If someone asks if a pet is real, drink.
  • Each time Deckard's name is pronounced, drink.
  • Each time Deckard drinks, drink (at your own peril).
  • Each time rain falls on Deckard, drink (this one can get really nasty).
  • Each time Rachael smokes, drink.
  • Each time Deckard's gun is fired, drink.
  • Each time Deckard gets his ass handed to him, drink twice.

Blade Runner 2049

  • Each time you see a beautiful wide shot, drink.
  • Each time you hear the word "cells", drink.note 
  • Each time you hear the word "interlinked", drink.note 
  • Each time Niander Wallace makes a religious/mythological metaphor about his work on Replicants, drink.
  • Each time you hear Joi's activation music (the first notes of Peter's leitmotif from Peter and the Wolf), drink.
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  • If you hear a recorded piece of dialogue from the first film, drink.
  • Each time the year "2021" is mentioned or appears onscreen, drink.
  • Each time you see the little wooden horse, drink.
  • Each time K is called or calls himself "Joe", drink.
  • Each time K gets stabbed with something, or otherwise has a foreign object inserted into him during a fight or action sequence.
  • When K succumbs to his wounds as "Tears in the Rain" plays, slam your whole drink and cry yourself to sleep.


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