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"You can do anything. Just remember what you are getting yourself into and its consequences, and bear it with yourself till the end. Whatever you do is never forgotten."

We are introduced to three teenagers who just started their high school years; stoic Jang Hyun Soo, hot blooded Cheui Ji Ho, and somewhat socially awkward Seo Eun A, all of whom has known each other at least to some degree. Then Ji Ho, for the sake of causing some shenanigans, decides to launch, the Myth Takes, an unofficial afterschool club that involves testing various Urban Legends around the city. He drags aforementioned two, along with two more of his classmates, Han Se Yun and Yi Min Ji, into the club. The series generally focuses on their everyday lives and Rapid-Fire Comedy resulting from their actions (mostly Ji Ho's).


...For first few episodes, that is. During their exploration in an abandoned local hospital, they encounter a cult engaging in a strange ritual, who upon noticing them, proceed to attack them. Although they manage to get out alive, things go rapidly spirals down to madness after that, and they realize that they got themselves involved with a serial murder cases and three urban legendary figures, the Reaper, the Berserker, and the Slasher, that might be key to it. After one of their classmates is murdered, they swear to find whoever is behind all the murders. They never made a bigger mistake.

So begins the Flow, which is noticeably darker in shonen standard and unsuprisingly, features lots of gore and general horror tropes.

Written by a troper, this series is highly self-aware and just like the author stated, manages to cram in as many tropes as humanly possible, which has to bee seen to be believed (despite the claim, the author has yet to actually add all those tropes). The series is planned to be a Light Novel series which currently planned out by the author to be three volumes, which will function as the first season. Check it out and contribute here!


Has a character page.

Tropes in The Flow as of Season I (likely) includes:


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