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Flowers At Dawn is a novel of middling length in the process of being written by Shadow Warden - as of now it has a completed outline which the story fails to adhere to for more than five minutes at a time.

The story follows Margaret Blackburn, a Naïve Newcomer to the town of Winding Way. Having bought her house after the deaths of the previous inhabitants, the Hopes, before even so much as visiting the town (due to circumstances that aren't very clear), she arrives unaware of the fact that she is without water, electricity, and heat. In fact, the entire town is without these same necessities, and save for certain modern styles of building, the inhabitants live as though it were a century ago.


While she desperately looks for a job, she discovers that the townspeople aren't very happy to see her, and she herself is intimidated by the house she lives in. Matters get more confusing when the son of the previous inhabitants, Charles Hope, arrives, unaware of their deaths; Margaret, after breaking the news to him, allows him to stay, and in exchange he puts her onto a job - working for the town and keeping the Park in shape.

However, the Park has mysteries of its own, which are exposed by Charles when he finally breaks down - the town is centered on a portal to an alternate world, one inhabited by plant-centric spirits desirous of worship, revenge, and other primal, emotional satisfactions. It was these tempestuous spirits that killed his parents, and who plan to break free and wreak havoc on the Winter Solstice.


The Park that Margaret is charged with keeping is a battleground - and she and Charles must learn how to fight with it without arousing the suspicions of the town (some of whom are sympathetic to the spirits).

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