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The Dutch Harbor Alexa is a story being written by Morwen Edhelwen. It was inspired by the Billy Joel song "The Downeaster "Alexa." The plot concentrates on Alexa Coates, the daughter of a crabber in the Aleutian Islands, whose father disappears at sea while onboard his boat, the "Alexa" (which she was named after) and her suspicions that it might not be just ocean madness and despair which has made him vanish, as well as her family's attempts to cope with having no contact with him.


This novel contains examples of the following tropes:

Alaska: Is set in Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians.

Apocalyptic Log: Joel's last entry in the captain's log describes the storms increasing and mysterious shapes in the water as well as his growing despair at catching anything.

Badass Native: Joel, Alexa's father, is an Aleut. He owns his own boat, a downeaster "Alexa", and is a skilled crab fisherman who will fight to defend himself if necessary.

Beware the Nice Ones: Joel.

Captain's Log: Alexa sees her diary as a version of this. Excerpts from Joel's log on the Alexa are also quoted.

Christianity Is Catholic: Justified as Alexa and her family are Alaskan Orthodox.

Cool Big Sis: Alexa wants to be this

Daddy's Girl: Alexa is very close to her father.

Dead Guy Junior: Alexa's older brother Joey is named after her father, who's presumed dead midway through the plot.


Eskimo Land: Alexa's mother is a Yup'ik Eskimo.

Meaningful Name: Alexa means "defender".

My Girl Back Home

Never Found the Body: Why Alexa attempts to keep believing her father is alive.

Ocean Madness: What is discovered to have happened to Joel.

Titled After the Song: The title is a play on "The Downeaster Alexa," and the Dutch Harbor setting of the plot.


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