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From the writer who brought to you The Castle Made Of Nothing comes a (very) long series about five seventeen year olds who have the ability to tame dragons. Together, it is their job to prevent the return of the dragon king, an evil dragon who gained its name from the evil acts it committed in the 10th century (when they were first born).

This work contains examples of the following:

  • Apocalypse How: It is implied that, if the dragon king rises, he could cause a class 0 variant. At best. At worst, class 6, with him as the planet's new ruler. Luckily, when he does rise again, he is defeated before he reaches America (he rises near Austrailia, but ignores it in favour of the energy coming of the dragon tamers in America.
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  • Ascended Extra: The fifth dragon tamer is a friend of the first of the dragon tamers who we meet in the first two books (she is the only person who notices the tattoo on his back while he recovers from surgery) and who doesn't get mentioned again until the ninth book. The only reason he didn't recognise her from his trip to the past is that she never revealed her face or spoke in the past.
  • Brick Joke: "Aim for the eyes!"
    First time: used in a lazer shooting game set up by the first of the dragon tamer's dad as a way of practicing his aim to fulfil his dream of being in MI-6.
    Second time: used by the fifth dragon tamer to tell the first dragon tamer to get his dragon to aim for the dragon king's eyes to blind him. Lampshaded by the first dragon tamer, who asks her if she practiced playing his dad's lazer shooting game. She has.
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  • Complete Monster: The head of the CIA tortures one of the dragon tamers before he knows about his powers and threatens to send him to Guantanamo Bay unless he reveals his true powers. He nearly goes through with his threat, but the second dragon tamer is rescued by the first of the dragon tamers, a bunch of criminals from the Chicago underworld and a society sworn to protect them at the last minute. Then, he sends a team out to recapture the dragon tamer, kill his rescuers and, if it is impractical to bring him in alive, leathal force is authorised. Sounds like a friendly person, doesn't he?
  • Evil Counterpart: The dark priests could qualify, as the five of them are needed to raise the dragon king, just as the five dragon tamers are needed to defeat the dragon king, but, as they do not technically have any dragon taming abilities, it is debateable.
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  • Fridge Logic: One that stands out is why the first of the dragon tamers didn't fly to a different country on his dragon, instead taking a plane. Justified, when you think about it: where could he hide a dragon in America that would not be examined if the CIA knows about the dragon tamers?
  • Homage: Anyone familiar with The Power of Five, How to Train Your Dragon and Alex Rider will know quite a lot about some of the plot points. It is, however, not a homage to Eragon (the writer would like to state that he has never read it, so any similarities are a coincidence).
  • Human Sacrifice: Required by the dark priests to rise the dragon king. Slight twist: it turns out that it meant THEIR sacrifice, not that of another human. They go through with it.
  • Meanwhile, in the Future...: Occurs in the second book, when the first of the dragon tamers is cast back in time to prevent his previous self from dying while his body is left in a critical condition (a very deep coma) and has to be operated on to save his life in the present. Almost results in him being killed when the matron almost switches off the life support machine as he is showing no signs of recovering, but he wakes up just in time.
  • Power Tattoo: When the powers of a dragon tamer awaken, a dragon mark appears on a part of their body. It is usually only visible to dragon tamers and dark priests (even if their powers haven't been activated yet), but it can be made to appear publically by firing gamma radiation at a dragon tamer (the mark will absorb the radiation and glow). Conversly, dark priest's marks are always visible, but only glow when they meet a dragon tamer or another dark priest.
  • What Could Have Been: The idea originally was born as an animated film, with a lot of Shout-Out material towards Dreamworks films (and, indeed, was intended to be made by Dreamworks). This idea was scrapped upon realising that there was far too much plot to accurately fill a single film and anything longer than one film has a good chance of being poorly received due to Sequelitis.

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