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In a coal mining town in Laurel County, Kentucky, the harsh reality of poverty seems at odds with the rolling hills, rushing rivers, and gorgeous scenery found in Central Appalachia. Seventeen-year-old Holland Fitz returns to her hometown after nearly ten years in the city, expecting the beautiful place she remembered as a girl. But while Holland was building her dreams in Pittsburgh, her childhood friend Travis was forced to carve out a meager life in the aftermath of a mining accident that killed his father and left his mother too shell-shocked to function. Holland,shocked to learn that Travis has turned to the mine to support his family, must learn that there is more to a small town's motivations than coal, and that sometimes, right and wrong aren't always easy to discern. When the idyllic life she'd been dreaming of comes crashing down around her, Holland must decide if she loves her town more than she loves its scenery, and if her feelings for the people in Laurel are what they seemed.




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