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Tales of the Artefacts: The Fall of Plarge (working title) comes from the deranged imaginings of MonkeyPhysics. No, really - the original concept comes from a psychotic episode brought on by three days' sleep deprivation. Yeah.

Anyway, the story focuses on Geran and Thess, a pair from the warrior village of Crella, who are sent off by the Plargan Consortium to destroy the Artefact in the city of Yurth, whose leader Vornyl openly oppose their rulers. The Artefacts, originally distributed by the Consortium, are supposedly magical objects venerated by the populace of wherever they are, and controlled/maintained by the Consortium in an attempt to keep the people under control.Along the way, they pick up the lovely Linya and her brother Juntr, anti-Consortium freedom fighters from the town of Broin.


Stuff happens.

Other characters:

  • Toris - Thess' mother and chief of Crella
  • Kergan - Recently ascended (crowned?) Count of Broin
  • Vask the Transcendent - Ruler of the Plargan Consortium, which covers most of the country of Strentis
  • Osric the Wise - The man chiefly responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Artefacts
  • Draiytch the Mighty - Vask's Dragon and leader of his military

How complete is it? A plan and half a chapter. Writing is hard.

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More later. Sleep now.

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