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So Sooty the chimney sweep wants to make a better world, eh? Well remember, sometimes the soot from the chimney gets into your lung, collects in a layer of black muck, blocks the oxygen absorption and causes you to suffocate even in the fresh air.

Oh, that's not a Dissimile. Honestly, sometimes we try to fix things and we end up choking on the fall out. So what we have to do is remember what doesn't work and what attempts failed. Then we can use that to make better choices next time and Earn Your Happy Ending.

See, I'm not such a bad guy, I just have a dirtier job to do.

  • Tried to cut list CafeAuLaitSkin, a redirect to Starbucks Skin Scale, because it didn't have any examples. Didn't go through when others have before. Probably linked to the fact that previous pages were on dodgy ground when it came to the trope anyway so they really needed the examples. This one seemed more reasonable but how accurate is the description when considering the trope that actually occurs? How well is the trope doing if it has no examples? Why is the name chosen to be the same as a completely unrelated dermatological condition?
    • Work for the future: well, put a proposition on YKTTW called Starbucks Skin Scale to try and draw out actual examples, see if it does lean more towards books, see if it does lean more towards one ethnicity or another, test out the name with people.
      • Done.

  • Nightmare Fuel clear up: it can be done! No, really. We just really have to grit our teeth. A list of pages I have really gone right through.

  • Miss Robinson Boy Wonder didn't get cut. Really, really messily written "trope" that's is really a blanket genderwank statement about how something never happens followed by a list of it happening.
    • I may need to rewrite this to not be crap.

  • This troper has been trying to delete the remaining High Octane Nightmare Fuel links. After all, the button just redirects to Nightmare Fuel now.
    • Done.

Tropes with no index after index clean up: