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Core Line is a d20 Modern Mega Crossover / Fan Fic setting started by marcoasalazarm, with the involvement of various other artists on the Wizards of the Coast and EnWorld forums, with some fan fiction and fan art available on DeviantArt.

"It has been ten years since the end of the world as we knew it. A world-wide Internet infection by an unusual type of virus (called CLULESS) was the trigger. Reality was torn to bits, never to come back fully to normal.


90% of mankind vanished without a trace for 23 hours. The things we believed to be Fictional appeared in their stead. The battles that followed devastated the world.

And once the 23 hours ended, mankind came back, adapted to this new world, willing to embrace the Fictions with open arms... something that many of those who survived the "23 Hours of Madness" are not willing to accept, nor take lying down.

This is an Era of Badass. The Tropes mold your destiny. Out in the open and within the shadows, it is the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny-Good versus Evil, Real versus Fiction, Canon versus Non-Canon, Rationality versus the Rule Of Cool, the final victor still undetermined.

No place is "safe", only "safer". And outside of it, there is a Multiverse and one timeline-the CORE timeLINE, "Coreline", "C-Line" or "The Line" for short-slowly going crazier.


We bid you welcome. Leave your sanity at the door. And for what's worth, enjoy your stay."

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