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Trudermark is a fairly popular YouTube Pooper who specializes in surreal humor.

He joined YouTube on June 5, 2010, and became a member of the Channel Frederator Network in January 2017.

Tropes present in his work:

  • Author Appeal: His poops contain lots of references to video games and anime, especially The Legend of Zelda. Many of his early videos also involve The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Cessation of Existence: In "Skodwarde Breaks a Time Machine", Patrick presses a button that erases Squidward's existence (He gets better).
  • Downer Ending: In "Elwood City Gets Taken Over by Squirrels", Arthur and Buster cause squirrels to take over thje city by using a Lure Module, and the squirrels chase them into the house and eat them.
  • Every Episode Ending: "JUST CALL ME..."
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: "JUST CALL ME [X]!"
  • invokedMilestone Celebration: He sometimes dedicates Poops to a subscriber milestone.
    • "Pranktin Goes to an Insane Spingebill Dimension" was the 2k Sub Special.
    • "Spingebill's Hazardous Camping Episode" was the 8k Sub Special.
    • "Richard Messes With the Laws of Physics" was the 9k Sub Special.
    • "Gravity Flaws" was the 10k Sub Special.
    • "Hank and Dale go to the Destructive Wooper Basket Factory" was the 20k Sub Special.
    • "Super Dr. Seuss Bros. for WiiDS Fitty-Fact Giraffe" was the 25k Sub Special.
    • "Sardonyx Causes Mayhem" was the 30k Sub Special.
  • invokedMeaningful Release Date: The "Nintendo Swiss" segment from "Skodwarde Breaks a Time Machine" was released early on March 3, 2017, the launch date for the Nintendo Switch. The Poop itself was supposed to be uploaded on March 6th, 2000 years before the day Squidward awoke in the future, but problems delayed it by a few days.
  • Stupid Statement Dance Mix: He often takes quotes and sets them to musical snippets. "D.W. the Piggy Eater" has various lines, including the "JUST CALL ME..." end tag, synced to Arthur stock cues.
  • Take That!
    • In "Spingebill's Hazardous Camping Episode", SpongeBob and Patrick are playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and tell Squidward to "Have fun with City Folk."
    • In "Hank and Dale Go to the Destructive Wooper Basket Factory", after Hank Hill has (inexplicably) weaved together a Philips CDI at the eponymous factory:
    Hank: This is what I came up with. There was nothing creative about it.
    • From "Skodwarde Breaks a Time Machine":
    Squidward: Home! (beat) 10/10! (gets hit with a brick) Thanks.

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