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Kaoru Tada (多田かおる Tada Kaoru?), (September 25, 1960–March 11, 1999) was a Japanese manga artist, born in the Osaka area. She made her debut in 1977, when still a high school student, on Shueisha's Deluxe Margaret magazine.

Tada's stories belong to the shōjo genre of manga. They feature love stories centred on young female characters, their love interests, their development as people and how life goes around them. The storylines include comedic moments and are characterised by essential and sharp drawings.


Tada passed away suddenly in 1999, via slipping and hitting her head on a granite table when she, her husband Shigeru Nishikawa, and their 10-year-old son were moving into their new home. Her injuries left her in a coma, and she died three weeks later at age 38. By that time she had not finished her most famous work, Itazura Na Kiss; she had planned the ending, however, and it was used in the anime adaptation.


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