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Deny a Monochrome Future.

James Franzen, known commonly online as GoshaDole or Radio Gosha, is a visual artist and animator. The radio part of Radio Gosha comes from the fact that most if not all of his animated videos tend to be that of the musical variety, most commonly works by S3RL and Initial P.

His main portfolio and website are located here.

Notably, several of his works appear to be connected by a vague but possible plot line, which may or may not exist at all.


Miscellaneous Animated Works by James Franzen:

  • Melody & Mezzo: Nightshade
  • Melody & Mezzo: I Wanna Be Your Star
  • Fright Ranger: Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire
  • Lucky Princess: Deadbeat Boyfriend
  • Initial P: U.F.O Catcher
  • Kick & Punch: Space Space Shooter
  • Bonnie Maxx: Pussy Game
  • Initial P: Hej Sokoly (Half Polish)
  • J-Mi & Midi-D feat. Thomas Howard Lichtenstein: Cyborgs (In Space)
  • Alaguan: Anything

Connected Animated Works by James Franzen:


James Franzen's animated works contain examples of:

  • Robot Girl: A common theme of many of his animations, particularly MTC Saga.
  • Cyber Space: Another common theme, and the primary Epileptic Trees fuel for how several of the animations connect together - particularly, people getting sucked into cyberspace.
  • Call-Back: A couple of these exist. Instances of this trope include the vampire couple (Legs only) at the diner in Deadbeat Boyfriend, another being the deadbeat boyfriend himself showing up at the end of U.F.O Catcher.
  • Vampire Bites Suck: Played with. The girl from Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire quickly passes out from having her blood drained, though she seems completely fine just minutes later, even dancing.
  • Generic Cuteness: Just about everyone looks adorable, thanks to the chibi-esque art style; even the slob of a boyfriend from Deadbeat Boyfriend has some level of cuteness. Though, judging by the fact that he cheats on the main character with the waitress later, he may not be as slobby looking as one would expect from his behavior.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Seriously, what are the odds that the guy watching the cat saleswoman from the bench in Pussy Game is secretly an FBI agent?