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A Web Animation by James Franzen, showing the life story of a Hentai-addicted teenager who downloads illegal software used to turn his animated screen-companion with a basic AI into a fully self-aware artificial intelligence, all to a mix of the songs from S3RL's MTC Nightcore album.

Can be viewed here.

This Web Animation contains examples of:

  • Robot Girl: As shown by the blackboards during his early adult years, this seems to be the inventor's goal for the AI. It is, and it works!
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  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Partially Averted. The AI which the inventor created is shown to be entirely good, and even has angelic themes. The enforcer drones that target the AI and the inventor, however, might play this straight, depending on your view.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Click Bait. Or is it actually a sequel?
    • Call-Back: Being a combination of all of the MTC album's songs, it includes the song Click Bait, right as the inventor's computer is breached and the enforcer drones find his location.
  • Disney Death: The inventor was either disintegrated, or digitized and sent somewhere else as data. Given the events throughout the rest of James Franzen's work, either is possible.

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