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Note: This is a recap page for the various animated works by James Franzen that don't have their own trope page. As a result, there may be unmarked spoilers! Tread with caution.

Miscellaneous Animated Works by James Franzen:

  • Melody & Mezzo: Nightshade
    • An animation detailing the eponymous two characters' attempts at obtaining a music-based artifact, guarded by ancient machines.
    • A portfolio-work showing several of Franzen's past animations.
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  • Melody & Mezzo: I Wanna Be Your Star
  • Fright Ranger: Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire
    • Taking Vampires Kiss to even more literal levels, the initially frightened main character falls in love with a vampire. She later thwarts the hunters out to kill him, becoming a vampire herself.
  • Lucky Princess: Deadbeat Boyfriend
  • Initial P: U.F.O Catcher
    • A group of heroes hunt strange robots, trying to save their home. It requires a Heroic Sacrifice, and the leader is revealed to have been transported to a world like ours in a claw machine game.
  • Kick & Punch: Space Space Shooter
    • A man becomes obsessed with a videogame, to the point of addiction. It's revealed to be a Mass Hypnosis scheme by the main antagonist of the videogame, who uses their victims' collective energy in a forced Energy Donation scheme to enter reality. The villain is repelled when the girlfriend realizes the heroes of the game are just as empowered by this energy.
  • Bonnie Maxx: Pussy Game
  • Initial P: Hej Sokoly (Half Polish)


Connected Animated Works by James Franzen:

  • Becky - Less Than Three
    • A girl and a boy agree to meet online - literally, through the power of Virtual Reality.

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