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Erik Aho is an American composer who primarily works for the American TV and video games. He has his own website, and is the co-founder of a music production company WaxLab . In 2013, he has received the ASCAP Foundation’s David Rose Award.

TV Series music he has worked on:


Video Game music he has composed:

Tropes related to the creator:

  • Industrial: The Suffering’s soundtrack has been designed with the explicit aim to only include sounds relevant to the situation at hand. Thus, the quarry soundtrack uses rhythmic sounds of rock scraping, Dr. Killjoy’s office has the sounds of medical instruments and whispers and boss fight against Hermes, who died in a gas chamber, is full of gas hissing. The main theme for the game consists of nothing but the monster audio composed in order to sound as creepy as possible. Surprisingly, it all works well.


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