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Comic Book / Vixen: Return of the Lion

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Two Lions Clashing!!

"Listen to me you, rapist, you murderer. Fifteen years ago you killed a woman, the wife of a priest. I am her daughter, I've come to kill you."

"I am the Lion. I am the lion."

Vixen: Return Of The Lion is a 5 issue miniseries which was published by DC Comics and tells the story of Vixen as she journeys to her village in Africa to vindicate her mother's murder.

Many spoilers in summary ahead:


  • At the beginning of the limited series, Batman receives information which reveals the murderer of Mari's mother, Aku Kwesi. Superman tells Mari about the information, and attempts to persuade her not to return to her village. His advice falls on deaf ears however, as Mari decides immediately to journey to Africa. When she arrives to her village, she comes in almost immediate conflict with Kwesi's men. She defeats the men with ease, which causes her to come face to face with Kwesi. She attempts to attack him, but is promptly defeated by him. He leaves her on the ground, promising to return and finish her off. One of Kwesi's men, a man by the name of Sia, decides to help her and shows her the way out of village and out of Kwesi wrath. Severely injured, Mari now has to face the harsh conditions and savage animals of the land. During her trek through the wild, she has hallucinations and is attacked by hyenas. As she is found on her last leg, Mari is found by a Spiritual healer and Animal Keeper, by the name of Brother Tabo. Brother Tabo completely heals Mari, and subsequently, helps heal her mind. He helps her with, what could be called, spiritual cleansing and easies her mind on her upcoming task. She becomes so relaxed at this place, that she learns to use her Animal Mimicry, without her Tantu Totem. After this, she puts her resolve and concentration to the test, when she is forced to save a small village from a lone lion. She engages in a tough battle, but ultimately defeats the lion, and even tames it. Now by passing this "final test", she feels she is ready to fight Kwesi again. She then learns that Kwesi's power are just a gift from Intergang. With this knowledge, she finds it in herself to defeat him and put this part of her life completely in the past. This series showcases a lot of personal development, as well as physical development for Mari

This limited series provides examples of:

  • Bearer of Bad News: Superman takes it upon himself to tell Mari about the information on Kwesi.
  • Big Bad: Aku Kwesi, and by extension Intergang
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: At the end, Intergang brainwashes Superman and Black Canary, and gets them to fight the rest of the Justice League.
  • Character Development: Even though she's had a lot of Character Development over the years, this mini series showcases a lot in just five issues.
  • Foreshadowing: In the beginning, Mari asks if Superman wants to spar, and he says "I'd crush you". In the end, while brainwashed, he almost succeeds.
  • Made of Iron: An unspecified animal mimic, let's Vixen take a direct hit from a brainwashed Superman
  • Old Friend:Mari meets with her old friend Abiesi, as soon as she arrives.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Superman pleads with her, but Mari will not waste a second to return to your village, and kill Kwesi.
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  • "Shut Up" Kiss: A variation, Vixen has to kiss Superman to bring him out of being brainwashed
  • You Can't Go Home Again: What Superman tells Mari, when she decides to return to Zambewsi
  • Your Mom: When Mari sees Kwesi's men:
    "Get back here, you sons of whores!"


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