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The Extremist Vector is a storyline of the Justice League Europe, during the Justice League International era.

Blue Jay and the Silver Sorcerer escaped from their prison at Soviet Russia. The SS returned to their dead world, and BJ tried to get asylum with the Justice League. But once in her world, she is attacked by the Extremists, the villains that caused the nuclear apocalypse, and Dreamslayer takes from her the knowledge of how to open a portal to DC's universe. They wreak havok in Soviet Russia, defeat the JLE and leave. Dr. Diehard takes control of all the nuclear warheads in the world and takes them to the sky, to force the world into submission. The JLE attacks them a second time, and Dreamslayer vanishes them to their dead world. Once there, they discover that the real extremists died in the nuclear war, that those are just robots made at a self-sufficient community of robots created for running a theme park. The mere sight of Uncle Mitch, their creator, caused the extremists to fall down to their knees, and they let themselves be deactivated. All except Dreamslayer, who was the real deal...



  • Actually a Doombot: It turned out that the original Extremists are already dead, and that the ones seen in this story are just robot replicas. Except for Dreamslayer, who's the real deal.
  • Berserk Button: Do you think that Wally is too enraged about Captain Atom's plan? Just tell him "Barry wouldn't have acted like this"
  • Big "NO!": Blue Jay, when the Extremists appear.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Three times. First, they did not kill the Silver Sorcerer after getting the spell from her, and sent her to Carny. They defeated the Justice League, and let them be. They defeated them a seecond time, and sent them to Carny as well.
  • Captain Ersatz:
    • Silver Sorcerer and Blue Jay, who had been introduced in earlier issues, are based on the Scarlet Witch and Yellowjacket from Marvel Comics. This story introduces Lord Havok (Dr. Doom), Dreamslayer (Dormmamu), Gorgon (Dr. Octopus), Dr. Diehard (Magneto) and Tracer (Sabertooth).
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    • And stepping aside from other superheroes, Uncle Mitch and Mitchworld are based on Walt Disney and Disneyworld.
  • Cassandra Truth: Tracer can smell that there is a living person out there. But, as he had just killed the only prisoner they had, and now they won't be able to torture anyone anymore, the other villains are not willing to listen him, as it seems just a convenient excuse. Fortunately for him, Dreamslayer confirmed the discovery with his own powers.
  • Cockroaches Will Rule the Earth: Everything has died, there is no more human race for the Extremists to enslave. Everything died... except rats. The Extremists may easily conquer and rule them, but why bother?
  • Didn't Think This Through: In their original world, the Extremists took control of all the world's atomic weapons, and threatened to blow them up if the world did not surrender. They blew them up. And Then What? Have a nice time ruling the rats, the only thing that survived!
  • Doomed Hometown: The world of the Extremists, Blue Jay and Silver Sorcerer, destroyed during a nuclear war.
  • Expressive Mask: It seems that Lord Chaos' mask can "smile" while killing people.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Flash, who is very angry about the things going on, asks Rocket Red if this ship can go faster. Captain Atom tells him to shut up, that his attitude is not helping... and asks RR, in a lower tone, if this ship can go faster.
  • Missed the Call: The request for help was initially for the JLI, but there was nobody at home except Kilowog. They had to ask those European guys.
  • Only Sane Man: The Crimson Fox wonders if the JLE evers decides anything quietly, while Flash, Power Girl, Captain Atom and Elongated Man have a loud discussion.
  • The Reveal: Dreamslayer is the real deal. He was exiled to his dark dimension by the local heroes, and by the time he returned, the world was already dead. He took advantage of the robot replicas of the Extremists, as he did with the original ones.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: Metamorpho is not impressed by Blue Jay's powers. He just shrinks and flies, that's all.

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