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Comic Book / Deus Ex Universe: The Dawning Darkness

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Deus Ex Universe: The Dawning Darkness is a comic book Prequel set before the events of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is part of the the Deus Ex Universe and chronicles the works of an undercover Interpol operative infiltrating an augmented terrorist organization.


  • Badass Boast:
    Singh: I get it. You're tough guys. But now you're dealing with the Jinn, my friend. The Jinn fear no one. Now let's get down to business.
  • Boom, Headshot!: Singh executes the seller's last surviving representative with a point-blank gunshot to the face.
  • Call-Forward: Joseph Manderley (referred to only as "Joe") is seen having a conversation with Miller after the latter informs him of Singh's successful arrangement of the arms deal.
  • Deadly Euphemism: When Singh asks how they got the augmented eye, Salar tells him that Wasim "just unboxed it" from the courier who was sent to them.
  • Eye Scream: The very first page of the comic has a Back-Alley Doctor walking out of a building after having performed an operation, and he drops a eye (still with blood on it) into a medical pan for Singh and Salar to examine.
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  • He Knows Too Much: A homeless man makes the mistake of threatening the Jinn to stay away from the Desert Rose, causing them to execute him just for glimpsing their faces.
  • How We Got Here: The comic covers the hours leading up to the prologue mission of Mankind Divided.
  • Leave No Witnesses:
    • The Jinn soldiers execute a homeless man who yells at them when they investigate the Desert Rose.
    • Singh also executes the seller's representatives seconds after getting the information he wants from them in the Emirate International Hotel.
  • Oh, Crap!: The representatives for the seller in the hotel room are all (save for one) gunned down within seconds of Singh entering the room. When the last man dials the seller for Singh, he has a look of pure panic on his face, and Singh executes him a second later.
  • Reverse Mole: Singh is this within the Jinn - he organizes their arms deal for them, but is feeding detailed information back to TF29, who he is a Deep Cover Agent for.
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  • Spotting the Thread: Adam asks why TF29 is being sent to Dubai instead of the Oman team (which is much closer to the meeting point), but Miller tells him that it's not his responsibility.

Alternative Title(s): Deus Ex The Dawning Darkness


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