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Characters / Vambrace: Cold Soul

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The Living

    Evelia Lyric
An upstart adventuress seeking answers concerning the circumstances of her father's death. She inherits a mysterious vambrace that is more than it seems. Her search leads her to the cursed city of Icenaire, where she becomes embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions.


    Zaquard Ventrue
The fearless leader of the Guardians heads an underground resistance against the Green Flame. While his situation may seem dire, Evelia's sudden arrival has given the survivors new hope. He now seeks to rally his comrades with renewed focus to retake the city.

    Isabel Salazar
A powerful sorceress with a mysterious past. Some say she is responsible for the Frostfell surrounding Icenaire - an eldritch barrier that spells instant death for anyone who tries to pass it. The Guardians now hold her prisoner, but will she relinquish the secrets to dispelling her magic?

    Hilda Severson
The leader of the Crimson Rain mercenaries.

    Narae Song
A smuggler, whose ability to obtain resources has been in high demand as of late.

The innkeeper.


    Maru Han
The acting director of the North Venture Company in the Dokkheim region. Unfortunately, the seal that would grant official ownership of the company has been lost in the Entertainment District.

A saleswoman working with the North Venture Company.

    Tae Min
A salesman working with the North Venture Company.



    The King of Shades 
An ancient wraith that has taken control of Icenaire with an army of wraiths, brought under his control by his Green Flame.

A merchant in life, and a merchant in death. Retaining his sanity, he is willing to do business with those that are willing to explore the haunted streets of Icenaire, though the feeling is not always mutual; as such, he also looks for the seal that would grant him official ownership of the North Venture Company.

The Guardian of the Entertainment District. Though she has been driven insane by the Green Flame, it is possible for Evelia to cure her madness.

    The Warden 
The Guardian of the Residential District.


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