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This is a character sheet for the Webcomic Supercell, not the Japanese band. There are Loads and Loads of Characters

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    In General 

Tropes concerning the main cast.


    The Academy 
  • Khleilfai Nazuret
    ''"Born and raised at the prestigious Nasriaten Achademy, Kheil is a exitable go-getter who doesn't quite realize the grim reality of her "child soldier" destiny. She has devoted her entire life to mastering the art of war, and is widely recognized as a badass of the martial arts arena — but although she embraced her fate with gusto, she remains stuck in that childlike mindset that EVERYONE needs to know how awesome she is

    Especially her Dad

    But Dad, Headmaster Nazuret Kraon, is the one person she can't seem to impress. he seems convinced that there's something very wrong, not with her skills or technique, but with that fundamental part of her identity that drives her to be the very best little soldier in the school

    And she can't rest until she finds out why".
    —''From the cast page on the official website here.

  • "AI" Isbisei
    ''"Plucked from the slums of Kastina on a full scholarship, AI has become the Academy's biggest success story, and one of the military programs secret weapons.Her tactical genius and ruthless efficiency have eraned her a reputation for excellence. And in training missions,she routinely secures miraculous victories against impossible odds.At any cost

    But while the staff call her a prodigy, her peers call her cold blooded; her laser-focused advancement of her own career has lead to ostracisation, distrust and dissent among those who should be looking to her for leadership. Her only friends are Kheil and Oz, and the thought of losing their respect keeps her awake at night.

    When her inability to win hearts starts to impact her performance — and her future in the program — she vows to isolate the problem and neutralize it. But this challenge, the most important she’s ever faced, might be the only one she’s unequipped to solve… because the fault lies in the core of who she is.

    You can't hit a target you can't see"
    —''From the cast page on the official website here.

  • Oz
    ''"Originally, the adopted son of two notorious assassins, Oz’s world shattered the night a black-ops raid on his family left him orphaned and traumatized. Zhrenokog took him under his wing and, despite the fact that school was already in session, got special permission for Oz to enroll at the Academy, where he would be safe and looked after.

    In the years of since that twist of fate, Oz’s talent for charming other’s - being the most huggable, hammy, laid-back dude around - has made him popular and earned him new friends ( although his “slacker” tendencies have made him less well-liked by the staff ). He, Kheil and AI are peas in a pod; he considers them honorary sisters

    Fun fact: the term oz is actually a term for ”I” in Tepnem-Rho and not his actual name. He ended up accidentally adopting it thanks to a timely moment of comic relief that Z provided the night he rescued him from the ruins of his parent’s house."
    —''From the cast page on the official website here.

  • Zhrenokog Ragetamet
    ''"The carnivorous gamemaster, head of security and firearms trainer ace of the academy. Z is not quite quiet enough to be “the silent type”, but he does tend to keep to his own. He has a slightly morbid sense of humor, like the sound of a boot hitting your face.

    He has an affinity for analog practices, shying away from all that complicated high tech sorcery, except for the things he considers genuinely makes life easier

    Although he's as loyal as they come and holds those close to him dearly, he's known to stay clear out of the romantic scene due to a monumental lack of interest."
    —From the cast page on the official website here.

  • Dr.Tanni-Hal Saran

  • Loksan Bilisht

    Deset's and Fiidas fraction 
  • Fiida Shfisgara
    "Little is known abount the monstrous figure who prowls the grounds in the darkness, kidnapping unsuspecting students. She carries a toolbelt equipped with the kind of high-tech gadgetry that suggests a well-funded operation."
    —''From the cast page on the official website here
  • Deset Tzaosin
    "Who is he? He's so impressive!"
    —''From the cast page on the official website here

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