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Listed in general order of appearance in person or otherwise and by story named, all information not listed in the story was supplied by Word of God. Warning UNMARKED SPOILERS.

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Laura Tanner / Sunrise “Sunny” Storm

One of the two central protagonists who starts the original story as a 17 year old just drifting through life who ends up turning into a pegasus with sunshine yellow fur and wings, a thick curly bright day-glow orange mane and tail along with bright emerald green eyes and is among the first new ponies to get a cutie mark thus making her a pony forever and at some point even changes her name to Sunrise Storm or Sunny for short, eventually she ends up as the right hoof to First Pony Golden Sunshine. Her cutie mark is "a sun with rays spreading out from it[, ]partially obscured by a black cloud from which rain fell." As a human, she had blue-gray eyes and soft brown hair.

Jennifer Penelope “Jenny” Tanner

Laura’s imaginative if (initially) annoying little sister and one of the three deuteragonists who ends up turning into an earth pony with blue fur a few shades lighter than her father’s mane and tail, a wavy bright bubble-gum pink mane and tail along with purple eyes, though she ends up deciding to become human again even though it means leaving her family and breaking up with James. As a human, she has shorter, blond hair.

Harold “Harry” Tanner

Laura and Jenny’s father, a currently unemployed IT worker that grew up on a farm who ends up turning an earth pony with red fur, a blue mane and tail along with yellow eyes. As a human, he had dark brown hair.

Dr. Sarah Tanner

Laura and Jenny’s mother and an archaeologist specializing in Native American history who ends up turning into a unicorn with orange fur, a wavy cherry red mane and tail with streaks of pale salmon pink along the sides and pumpkin orange eyes.


Sarah’s assistant and fellow archaeologist and one of the few who agrees with her “radical theories” at first.

James Carlyle

Jenny’s friend and former love interest who ends up turning into an earth pony with dark blue fur, an olive green mane and tail along with cobalt blue eyes.

Tina Kelston

Laura’s only real friend from before the whole crisis starts and Bob’s love interest and letter fillyfriend who’s into hair styling and ends up turning into a pegasus with deep green fur and wings, a cornflower yellow mane and tail along with dark blue eyes.

Margaret “Maggie” Carlyle

James’ mother who initially has a dislike for Jenny and ends up turning into a pegasus with lemon-yellow fur and wings, a dark green mane and tail along with blue eyes.

Robert “Bob” McDermott

Eileen’s son and Sarah and Harold’s unofficially adoptive son, who ends up turning into a unicorn with dark green fur, a sea-green mane and tail along with blue eyes and is among the last to fully transform, by Pandemic: Aftermath he is still trying to decide whether or not to undergo rehuminization. As a human, he had "dark, rust-red hair".

Eileen McDermott

Sarah’s sister and Bob’s mother who can barely take care of herself and is thus unable to properly care for her son, she’s the first to receive the counterspell and thus remains human. She has "pale green eyes" and red hair. Before the counterspell, she was starting to get purple hair.

Dr. Kevin Conner

Lazy Pines’ local physician and one of the three deuteragonists who as a result of a genetic mutation generations ago is able to passively channel magic into his immune system protecting him from most if not all diseases including Sunset’s transformation virus, by Pandemic: Aftermath he has gone to Equestria as part of the cultural exchange to learn pony medicine.

Heather Garron

Dr. Conner’s assistant and nurse who ends up turning into a crystal pony with spring-green fur, a cyan mane and tail along with dark green eyes with both body, mane and tail seeming to be coated in glass, and thus sparkles in the light and a Cutie Mark in the shape of a pacifier superimposed on a lightning bolt, symbolizing her passion for pediatric medicine. As a human, she had auburn hair and "soft" brown eyes.

Fred Turner

An Afghanistan war veteran who became an extreme conspiracy theorist due to 21 years of manipulation by Sunset and is the first person she infected with her transformation virus and thus turns into an earth pony with rust-red fur, a bright peach mane ("that reached past his shoulders") and tail, along with amber eyes. As a human, he had "short, wiry, and brown" hair "with streaks of gray", and his eyes were a "piercing cool blue".

Mary Tanner

Harold’s older sister who helps her cranky old man out on the family farm and has recently come down with the flu but got it too late to transform and thus remains human.


A lab tech who helped test the sample of Laura’s hair and reported the results to Dr. Conner and stated that Laura’s hair sample is biologically nonhuman.

Chief John Barrows

Lazy Pines’ chief of police hailing from New York City who still acts as a big city police officer despite living in a small town, rarely ever taking the time getting to know people on a personal level, by the end of the first story he remains human but has lost his job and firmly believes ponies are better off as humans.

Officer Rick

A Lazy Pines’ police officer who Dr. Conner talks to at a convenience store and helps investigate an armed trespassing on Fred’s property.

Janet Turner

Fred’s daughter who came to town to help her crazy father and who catches the flu despite having already had it this season proving that there is something very strange about this particular strain of the flu.

Dr. Sandra Marlowe

A doctor from the Colorado Department of Health who befriends Kevin, is eventually placed in charge of the medical side of the transformation crisis and remains human.

George Tanner

Harold’s old man who’s about as stubborn as a mule and has let his farm work take complete control of his life after the passing of his wife and who ends up turning into an earth pony with dark red fur a brown mane streaked with gray and amber eyes.


A young pregnant woman who ends up turning into a unicorn with dusky red fur, a bright magenta mane and tail along with amber eyes and a Cutie Mark in the shape of a quill poised above a page arranged in neat columns of numbers who by Pandemic: Aftermath she has given birth to a healthy male unicorn.

Officer Jeb

A Lazy Pines’ police officer who investigates an armed trespassing on Fred’s property.

Bruce Donner

A reporter with Denver 9News who reported on the titular pandemic in Lazy Pines and interviewed both Sarah and Harold.


Eileen's friend who she convinces to take her to Lazy Pines in exchange for a date though he is forced to drop her off in Fraser, Colorado.

Emma Franklin / Rainy Skies

Laura's first new friend she made while at the shelter and one of her old classmates who ends up turning into a pegasus with purple fur and wings which have red tips, a bright red mane and tail with a single stripe of orange and pink, along with magenta eyes and a Cutie Mark in the form of a cloud dropping rain and driven by the wind, by the time of Pandemic: Aftermath she has become Sunrise’s closest friend. As a human, she was skilled enough with sewing to be able to hem a perfect hole in her pants for her tail.

Josie Woods

One of Laura’s old classmates who ends up turning into a nightpony with midnight blue fur and wings which are batlike in appearance, a purple mane and tail along with dark green eyes, with ears slightly larger than a pegasus tufts of fur at the tips and a strictly nocturnal sleep cycle.


One of Laura’s new friends whom she meets at the shelter and one of her old classmates who ends up turning into a unicorn with icy blue fur, matching eyes and a snow white mane and tail.

Joan Kendrick

One of Laura’s new friends whom she meets at the shelter, who used to do some rehabilitation work with birds and thus knows a thing or two about wing maintenance and ends up turning into a pegasus with white fur and wings, a soft yellow mane and tail along with green eyes.

Agent Anthony Heller

A very cynical FBI agent in charge of the criminal side of the transformation crisis and remains human, however his primary concern is what’s good for the country but not necessarily what’s good for its people, often causing him to support options that would just antagonize the newly minted ponies.

Father Lyle Donovan

A roman catholic priest from Carbondale, Colorado whose knowledge of Latin made him the first human to make actual contact with Twilight and Starlight, he also allowed them to cast a translation spell on him allowing the two ponies to learn English and ends up turning into a Unicorn with gray-streaked white mane, brownish red fur and blue eyes.

Brad (Catholic)

A resident of Carbondale and a devout catholic, with a fear of both possession and “witchcraft” who often volunteers with his local church and was witness to Twilight making first contact with humanity.

Ken Carlyle

James’ father who winds up befriending Harold and ends up turning into an earth pony with dusky red fur, a very dark violet mane and tail along with red eyes.

Molly Perkins

a Pegasus filly with red-pink fur and wings along with a light orange mane and tail along with cyan eyes, however much to her annoyance she is a little too young to fly, by Pandemic: Aftermath she has come to idolize Sunrise Storm, and wants a Cutie Mark of her own to stop talk about her undergoing rehuminization.

Theresa Perkins

Molly’s mother who ended up as an Earth Pony with pale-pink fur, a cherry-red mane and tail, amber eyes and Cutie Mark in the form of a bouquet of flowers representing her passion for being a florist, by the second story she continues to live in a human home for the convenience of her human husband.


A guy that ran the grocery store in Lazy Pines where the titular pandemic started to spread who ends up turning into an earth pony with blue-gray fur, a very light green mane and tail with a streak of white through it and bright cyan eyes.

Frank Kendrick

Joan’s husband who ends up turning into an earth pony with chocolate brown fur and a caramel mane and tail along with dark blue eyes.


A physicist brought in to Lazy Pines to help humanity learn to understand magic and is witness to Twilight’s failed attempts to find an earthly material capable of containing magic.


A nurse helping out in the emergency zone in Lazy Pines who receives the counterspell, remains human, but has a husband and a little girl four states down who do end up transforming.


A reporter who was reporting on the magical light show used to distribute the cure to those who have yet to transform.

Brad (Reporter)

A news anchor who was reporting by helicopter about a group of ponies who helped bring the power back on in a small town by donating their own generators.

Fire Springs

An Earth Pony stallion with a bright orange coat and dark red mane, one of Eileen’s new friends and a Lunite specifically a member of the High Luna Council who represented the group during the first meeting of the United Pony Council.


A man living in Carbondale who for a long time was quite adamant about not going to church if it was run by a pony as he and his family lost their ranch but comes around after deciding to go to a sermon by Father Lyle.

Strong Hooves

An Earth Pony stallion from Grand Junction with gray-green fur, and a brown mane and tail with a cracked boulder for a Cutie Mark and a leader among the Shimmerists who he represented at the first meeting of the United Pony Council.


A Pegasus stallion from Grand Junction with a sea-green coat and a light blue mane.


An Earth pony with "glassy" hair and fur

     Equestria and the lands beyond 

Princess Twilight Sparkle

One of the two central protagonists as well as an alicorn and former unicorn who is not only the Princess of Friendship, the bearer of the Element of Magic and a very powerful magical prodigy but also happens to be Sunset’s own niece.

Starlight Glimmer

One of the three deuteragonists and a unicorn who was a one time cult leader/dictator and later a time traveling revenge driven madpony who's now Twilight’s personal student and close friend.


A prim and proper unicorn and fashion designer who climbed to the top of Equestrian society despite being 'just a seamstress from the small town of Ponyville', the bearer of the Element of Generosity and close personal friend of Twilight’s.

Princess Luna

An alicorn, the Princess of the Night, co-ruler of Equestria and Celestia’s sister who raises and lowers the moon each day as well as protecting ponies from their nightmares. Equestria's Dreamwarden.

Wordy Scroll

An old unicorn and the Master Archivist of the Canterlot Archives and old friend of Twilight’s who spent a lot of time in the Archives as a filly.

Princess Celestia

An alicorn, the Princess of the Sun, co-ruler of Equestria and Luna’s sister who raises and lowers the sun each day, she was the teacher to both Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer, and used dark magic to suppress Sunset’s existence from both official record and living memory in order to prevent a war.


A baby dragon and Twilight’s dedicated number one assistant who she hatched by accident during her entrance exam for Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns.


A shy pegasus and animal caregiver who used to be afraid of her own shadow, the bearer of the Element of Kindness and close personal friend of Twilight’s, notable for being Discord’s best friend.

Princess Cadance

An alicorn and former pegasus, the Princess of Love, co-ruler of the Crystal Empire, Shining Armor’s wife, Flurry Heart’s mother, Celestia and Luna’s adoptive niece, as well as Twilight’s sister-in-law and old foalsitter having replaced Sunset when she was found to be a bad influence.

Rainbow Dash

A brash pegasus with a bit of an ego, the newest member of the stunt flying team the Wonderbolts, leader of the Ponyville Weather team, the bearer of the Element of Loyalty and close personal friend of Twilight’s.


A griffon living in the Griffon Kingdom and an old friend of Rainbow Dash, while they had a falling out once upon a time they have since made up.

Twilight Velvet

Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor’s mother and Flurry Heart’s grandmother who lives in Canterlot and dislikes how often Celestia puts Twilight in danger.

Night Light

Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor’s father, Flurry Heart’s grandfather and Sunset’s older brother who lives in Canterlot and due to the spell that erased Sunset from his memory believed he had an imaginary sister named ‘Sunny’.

Prince Blueblood

A spoiled, entitled and egotistical member of Equestria’s nobility whose first appearance was really Discord in disguise and later really showed up to assist Sunset Glow in confronting Celestia about Sunset Shimmer.


A nearly omnipotent draconequus trickster and spirit of chaos who was once the greatest threat Equestria has ever seen, after being reformed he’s best friends with Fluttershy and his favorite pastimes include pranking Celestia and messing with Twilight often using the excuse of teaching her a lesson on friendship.

Sunset Glow

Sunset Shimmer and Night Light’s mother, Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor’s grandmother and Flurry Heart’s great-grandmother who due to the spell that erased Sunset from her memory believed she and her husband never had a daughter a belief which has tormented them for 21 years.

Shimmering Light

Sunset Shimmer and Night Light’s father, Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor’s grandfather and Flurry Heart’s great-grandfather who due to the spell that erased Sunset from his memory believed he and his wife never had a daughter a belief which has tormented them for 21 years.


An apple farming earth pony from Ponyville with an absolutely massive family, the bearer of the Element of Honesty and close personal friend of Twilight’s.

Pinkie Pie

An earth pony and party planner extraordinaire who is more than a little strange, the bearer of the Element of Laughter and close personal friend of Twilight’s.

Prince Shining Armor

A unicorn and former Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard who is now both a prince and co-ruler of the Crystal Empire through his marriage to Princess Cadance and also happens to be Flurry Heart’s father, Twilight’s older brother and Sunset’s nephew.

Princess Flurry Heart

The first ever natural born alicorn in the history of Equestria and the single most magically powerful baby ever, whose very nature is a complete enigma as well as Cadance and Shining Armor’s daughter, Twilight’s niece and Sunset’s great-niece.

Tight Schedule

A unicorn and Celestia and Luna's head clerk who manages their schedules, especially Celestia’s more rigorous daytime one.

Moon Dancer

Twilight’s fillyhood best friend and fellow former student at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns who ended up becoming a recluse when Twilight didn’t attend the first party Moon Dancer ever threw leaving her feeling humiliated, though the two have since made up and Twilight got Moon Dancer to come out of her shell.

Lemon Hearts

An old friend of Twilight’s and fellow former student at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, lives in Canterlot but often visits Ponyville and works in Canterlot Palace as an event planner and suspects that something strange is going on in Canterlot.


An old friend of Twilight’s and fellow former student at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, lives in Canterlot but often visits Ponyville and was a bridesmaid at Cadance’s wedding also happens to be friends with Pinkie Pie.


An old friend of Twilight’s and fellow former student at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, lives in Canterlot but often visits Ponyville and was a bridesmaid at Cadance’s wedding.

Star Singer

Moon Dancer’s aunt and Sunset’s best friend who not only unknowingly helped her with her crazy plans but was also responsible for Sunset’s extreme beliefs as she is able to see future threats to Equestria as vague probabilities and shared them with Sunset, which drove her insane over her desire to protect ponykind. She is a unicorn with a "milky white" coat, light blue mane and tail, green eyes, and a cutie mark "consisting of a single musical note surrounded by several stars."

Derpy Hooves / Gerpa

The adorable yet clumsy Ponyville mailpony with a wandering eye and a large heart who was born a griffon but was turned into pegasus by Sunset in when she was testing her permanent transformation spell.

Doctor Whooves

Derpy’s closest friend and a scientist from Ponyville and was with Derpy when Celestia revealed the truth to her.


Starlight’s fillyhood best friend who is ultimately responsible for her stint as a villain when he left lost contact with her after getting his cutie mark who also happens to be an expert in magical theory, the Royal Crystaler of the Crystal Empire and the regular foalsitter for Princess Flurry Heart.


A young Griffin who tried to bully Derpy into leaving the Griffin Kingdom due to her anti-pony sentiment which is not uncommon among Griffins especially after the memory spell was revoked and the truth of Sunset's crimes were revealed.


Derpy’s real father and a rather traditional Griffin who nonetheless fully accepts his daughter despite the fact that she is now a Pegasus.


Derpy’s real mother who deep down never really forgot her daughter despite Celestia’s memory spell and not only did she accept her daughter but was able to her in spite of 20 years apart and Derpy's transformation.


Sunset Shimmer / Sunny / Sadie Sommers

The true main antagonist as well as Twilight and Shining Armor’s aunt and Flurry Heart’s great-aunt, who was at one point both Celestia’s personal student and Equestria’s envoy to the Griffon Kingdom, she sadly went insane upon learning of the numerous future threats to Equestria and has spent the last 21 years on Earth with the goal of transforming all of humanity into ponies.

Queen Triss

A mysterious dragon like entity from Earth’s Universe and her race’s equivalent to an alicorn having ascended billions of years ago who interfered with the events on Earth in the hope of creating a world capable of finally putting an end to the Devourers, magic eating extraterrestrial monstrosities that have destroyed countless worlds including Triss’ own all because a super-ancient long dead alien race feared magic.

Pandemic: Aftermath

The storylines all intersect, so some characters will appear in more than one.
     Tom's Story 

Anna / Evening “Eve” Vista

Theresa’s little sister and Molly’s aunt, a unicorn mare with light blue fur, a violet mane and tail and a Cutie Mark in the form of a paintbrush sweeping across a twilight sky, very much pro pony and feels Tom is a negative influence on Molly.

Tom Perkins

Theresa’s husband and Molly’s human father, while he still loves his wife in spite of the species difference he’s pro-rehumanization, and desperately wants Molly to be human again even though it goes against the wishes of both Theresa and Molly.


Tom’s manager who suggested that Tom divorce Theresa and attempt to win custody of Molly in order to force her to undergo rehumanization.


One of the first ponies born on Earth as a pony and Carol’s son, a unicorn with pale yellow fur and a wavy dark red-brown mane and tail.


A Unicorn filly with creamy orange fur with a pale yellow mane and tail and green eyes who is one of Molly’s friends who is a year younger than her but is still the de facto leader of the group.


An Earth Pony colt with red-brown fur with a black mane and tail and one of Molly’s friends from a Spanish speaking family who told Molly and Gina about the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Strong Hooves

Shimmerist leader

Morning Glow

Shimmerist leader who accidentally shoots Tom

Water Wings

Conciliatory Shimmerist leader

     Sunrise's Story 

First Pony Golden “Goldy” Sunshine

The inaugural First Pony of the United Pony Council, and formerly the first Mayor of Pony Hope, a unicorn mare with a deep amber coat with a red mane and tail streaked with orange with a Cutie Mark in the form a sun rising behind a stylized capitol building and a good friend of Sunrise Storm’s touted as the first pony politician.

Morning Glow

A Shimmerist unicorn who upon the orders of Strong Hooves revealed that the U.S. Government sent a military surveillance drone to spy on the first meeting of the United Pony Council.

Bright Future

First introduced in the original “Pandemic” speaking at Preacher’s Corner and not named until “Pandemic: Aftermath”, a unicorn mare with red fur, a bright yellow mane streaked with white and a sun with long rays rising at the end of a road heading off into the distance, she represented the Harmonists at the first meeting of the United Pony Council.

Rainy Skies

Sunrise's harmonist friend, who eventually decides to support the Shimmerists because they actually do things.

Rainbow Dash

Equestrian pegasus who begins training Sunrise at the end of the story

     Jenny's Story 

Matthew Fuller

Leads MIDROC in Colorado, with criminally-high political ambitions. Stopped by a cooperative from former humans, Equestrians, and the FBI.

Ryan/ Night Song/ Billy

Rehumanized night pony, with the ability to instill permanant fears and phobias. Overuse of his ability on a target can cause insanity and vegetative states. Motivated by terror from Midnight Star and Sha'am Maut. Eventually charged in human court, with Dreamwarden oversight.


Partial unicorn, very shy, with a strong herd mentality. Has magic that effects electronics.


Beverly's brother, who wishes that he could have helped her more than he has. Regrets not doing so earlier in life.

Wildflower Springs

Unicorn who strongly distrusts humans and human authority. Despite this, she befriends Jenny, especially after she witnesses Jenny's magic. Running from the FBI.

Fire Springs

Earth Pony who join's Jenny's and Eileen's party to keep Beverly away from the FBI.

Moon Racer

Psychic Calm's representative to Jenny.

The Narrative

A benevolent, yet mysterious, personification of narrative causality. IS connected to Jenny's magic, has been for years, and may view her as a sort of mother figure.


Equestrian personification of Chaos. Barred from Earth.

     Bob's Story 


Crystal pony who works for Fuller. Tries to kill Bob by draining his magic, in order to weaken Earth's ponies.

Whisper Touch

Crystal Pony who supports the creation of a Crystal City


Crystal Pony doctor, who wants to find a new purpose for herself


Unicorn showmare who brings Bob multiple artifacts, and eventually Strong Hooves a farhearing stone connecting to Blueblood

     Heller's Story 

Matthew Fuller

Leads MIDROC in Colorado, with criminally-high political ambitions. Stopped by a cooperative from former humans, Equestrians, and the FBI.

Ryan/ Night Song

Rehumanized night pony, with the ability to instill permanant fears and phobias. Overuse of his ability on a target can cause insanity and vegetative states.

Mr. Kenworth

Crystal pony confirmed loyal to Fuller.

Midnight Star

Night Pony stallion, noted to be especially violent. Was once also so in the dreamscape, before being reigned in by the dreamwardens.

     Connie's story 

Connie Morgan

A mayor raising a unicorn daughter

Christina Morgan

Connie's daughter, unicorn

Frank Morgan

Connie's Husband

Peach Blossom

Chrissie's earth pony teacher


Friend of Connie's, former police officer, gets involved with an FBI operation and, later, a shootout

Police Chief Hanner

Human law enforcment


Pegasus colt,blue fur, green mane, who befriends Chrissie when they move to Washington DC

Marie and Carl

Ken's mother and father, the latter an independent Senator

     Twilight and Starlight's Story 

Prince Blueblood

Unicorn noble who wants to establish an Equestrian protectorate on Earth. Willing to work with shimmerists, but wants to undo much of what they've done. Stripped of all of his titles, banished from Canterlot and forced to work as a street sweeper as punishment.

Spoiled Rich

Wealthy earth pony who aids Blueblood. Stripped of her titles and wealth for her role in Blueblood's plot.


Unicorn showmare who brings Bob multiple artifacts, and eventually Strong Hooves a farhearing stone connecting to Blueblood. Forced to work as a hospital Janitor using only her telekinesis as punishment for her role in Blueblood's plot.


     New Pony Factions 
The 3 most notable belief systems that formed among the newly minted ponies of Earth after the death of Sunset Shimmer and the end of her influence which also act as the three major political parties among ponies, though ponies are far more willing to compromise then humans.
  • Shimmerists: This relatively small group view Sunset Shimmer as both a savior and a martyr as for human relations they tend to believe that ponies are inherently superior to humans and that humans are better served by becoming ponies, most also tend to think that ponies should live independently and mostly isolated from human society even surrendering their original national affiliations, a number of them also view Sunrise Storm as Sunset Shimmer’s protege and thus the rightful heir to her legacy wanting her to join them as a leader even though she does not share their beliefs.
  • Lunites: This group led by the High Luna Council look to Princess Luna as a spiritual leader and a semi-divine entity, as for human relations recognizing the fact that humans and ponies share the planet and that ponies on Earth once were or descended from humans tend to think that ponies should not isolate themselves from humanity and that it is best for ponies and humans to live and work together.
  • Harmonists: This group which includes most of the population of Pony Hope and whose philosophy is held the Sunshine Administration believes fervently in the Great Pillars of Harmony, generosity, honesty, laughter, kindness and loyalty and view the Element Bearers as both mentors and heroes, as for human relations they want to maintain their own independent culture but without shutting out humanity with inspiration from the Element Bearers view the 5 Pillars of their belief as universal to all sapient beings not just ponies and thus wish to teach those Pillars to humanity.

Side Stories

    Riverview Ponies 

Matthew Gilmore/ Phobia Remedy

A night pony mare, and the main protagonist of What You Are Meant to Be, a viewpoint character of Picking Up the Pieces, and a major character in Monsters We Make.

Charlotte Gilmore/ Charlotte Portsmith/ Sunset Blessing

Fundamentalist unicorn, who becomes a major religious figure and leader in Riverview. Favors the complete transformation of all humanity, but under humanity's own social, religious and technological terms.

Tom Gilmore

Phobia's father, who initially detests his transformation. Eventually moves in with Amanda Wilson.

Tonya Middleton/ Tonya Blessing

Transgender woman turned pegasus, who can mind control both humans and ponies with word and song, and marries Sunset Blessing.

Number Crunch/ Annette Crowfield

Accountant unicorn mare, who once worked for organized crime. Now works for Sunset Blessing, in order to redeem herself. Eventually becomes mentor and best friend to Wild Growth.

Rosetta Stone/Haley Martinez

Phobia's marefriend, special talent of deciphering ancient languages.

Amanda Wilson/ Amanda Gilmore/ Treasure Finder

Devon's earth pony tentmate. Has a filly named Jackie. An elementary school teacher.

Tattered Wing/Mandy Rutledge

Night pony mare severely injured in an altercation with looters. Serves as leader first of the Enclave, then the Riverview police, then later as an agent of the OMMR.

Robby Middleton

Night pony colt. Son of Devon, foalsat by Phobia and Rosetta at age 6 in Picking Up the Pieces. Still enjoys their company at age 13 in Monsters We Make, where he has the special talent of dreamscaping.

Wild Growth/Catherine Martinez

Extremely powerful earth pony, capable of growing entire forests in seconds as well as the ability to cause earthquakes, make herself near physically invincible when anticipating attack, causing fissures and raising up ground, and the ability to lift several tons of weight. Eventually becomes extremely wealthy, and helping with de-aridification and other public interest projects. Possibly the highest PREQUES rating pony on Earth. Has a massive libido due to her large amount of magic disrupting her reproductive system. Sometimes jokingly referred to as a cross between The Incredible Hulk and Poison Ivy.

Jessica Middleton

Child Prodigy earth pony filly who wishes to work with NASA. Daughter of Devon, born extremely premature human, but transformed at 1 week.

Amber Flowers

Pegasus mare that became lead pegasus of Riverview after Tonya Middleton stepped down. Her name is often confused as being a pony name, but was her actual name as a human.

Calvin Hobbs

Crystal pony stallion that serves in Riverview police force.

Rudra Patel

Night pony stallion and medical doctor.

Alex Rutledge

Unicorn stallion, younger brother of Tattered Wing and Megan.

Nocte Bellatrix

Night pony mare in Riverview police force, Shimmerist. Mother of Devon Middleton. Date rape victim as a young adult that has caused her to have passive hostility towards males.

Dan/Teddy Bear

Night pony stallion and member of the Broken Ones. Has amputated legs. Lover to Melissa Rivers.

Swift Strike

Founder of the Enclave, and Haley's former boyfriend.

Shadow Dancer

Night pony stallion from Augusta, GA. Uses mind magic to turn ponyphobic humans into ardent Shimmerists.

Crystal Dreams

Crystal Pony mare who is a close friend of Shadow Dancer.

Alfonso Remedy-Stone/ Alfie

Night pony colt. Son of Phobia Remedy.

Charlotte Stone-Remedy

Night pony filly. Daughter of Rosetta Stone and twin to Tabitha Stone-Remedy.

Tabitha Stone-Remedy/ Tabby

Night pony filly. Daughter of Rosetta Stone and twin to Charlotte Remedy-Stone.

Jacqueline Wilson/ Jackie

Pegasus filly. Daughter of Amanda Wilson. Nicknamed magic missile.

Jordan Gilmore

Unicorn filly. Daughter of Amanda and Tom Gilmore. Nicknamed plum butter.

Pale Oak

Large earth pony stallion. Implied to not be very intelligent, but very good looking.

Brick Pounder

Night pony stallion serving as a member of the Riverview police.

Poly Glot

Insane unicorn, captured and used as a source of knowledge by Sunset Blessing.

     Riverview Humans 

Devon Middleton

Mother of Robby and Jessica. Stays with Amanda Wilson in Picking Up The Pieces before reuniting with Paul.

Paul Middleton

Tonya's brother, and Devon's husband. Originally distrusted his children after being hurt by Jessica, but mind-controlled by Tonya into accepting them. Kept his acceptance of them after mind control was removed by Starlight Glimmer

Jean Martinez

Has Parkison's. Trying pony transformations to cure the disease. Mother to Wild Growth and Rosetta Stone.

Roger Martinez

Father of Wild Growth and Rosetta Stone. Botanist employed by Westvaco.

Jose Martinez

Younger brother of Wild Growth and Rosetta Stone. Twin to Miguel Martinez.

Miguel Martinez

Younger brother of Wild Growth and Rosetta Stone. Twin to Jose Martinez

Megan Rutledge

Younger sister of Tattered Wing. Becomes Sunset Blessing's personal assistant and later a city council member.

Melissa Rivers/Daylight Mirage

Rehumanized Broken One. Later regains her pony instincts and sense of self in addition to her human sense of self and instincts. Views herself as a night pony in a human body. Possesses human magic that acts as a radar sense.

Jonathan Baker

Director of disaster recovery in South Carolina.


Owner and proprietor of a restaurant in Riverview.

Jason Maxwell

Director of disaster recovery in Georgia.


Tempest Shadow

One of Luna's Guards, assigned to protect Phobia. Believes the transformed are foolish and weak-willed for accepting the fact they have become ponies.

Lavender Mist

Night pony nurse who works under Luna. Has little interest in dreamwalking. Keeps an irregular sleep schedule.


All Wardens

  • Black and Gray Morality: All six will pressure those who enter the dream realm into following their rules, some even exercising extreme torture to do so, and are willing to kill those who violate them. The rules, however, protect the waking world from mass mind control.
  • Cosmic Horror: Immortals who inhabit the dreams of mortals, cut off from reality if their bodies die, can twist them to their whims if not for their Oaths, and cannot be killed, bound only by rules formed at their inception. Become infinitely more powerful after their mortal bodies die. Oh, yeah, and previous dreamwardens have had a penchant for insanity. The job is considered a very heavy burden that can wear away at sanity or desire to interact with the world.
  • Developers' Foresight: In theory, with their oaths, they have this. In practice, they tend to get in the way.
  • Duality Motif: They each represent the opposing sides of their element. Phobia, for instance, represents primal fear- and its conquest.
  • Hidden Depths: All of them have their own personal soft spots and buttons, in relation to their dual natures above.
  • Game-Breaker: Despite their limits, they are still by far the most powerful beings in the setting, easily able to kill or control an alicorn, if the rule conditions are met.
  • The Fettered: They cannot knowingly act outside their oaths.
  • Bad Blood: Despite Sha'am Maut committing crimes, she is never punished by any national entity. Later, when a genocide against ponies is occurring in Morocco the world's governments stand by and let it happen because it means it will remove Sha'am Maut from her position. This ends up helping turn public opinion more favorable towards the Dreamwardens after the public begins to believe that the governments are willing to allow innocent people to be murdered for the sake of influencing Dreamwarden succession.
  • Shapeshifting: In the dream realm. Often taking various forms.
  • Super Empowering: They can grant or take away dreamwalking ability easily. Or turn anyone into a Dreamwarden that they choose as a successor.

Dreamwarden Oaths:

the Dreamwardens have a collection of rules and restrictions that are forged into them during their binding to the dream realm. These are separate than the oaths they require dreamwalkers and others to swear. These oaths include:
  • a ban against rewriting minds against the will of that mind
  • a ban against wiping out all magical minds
  • required that they protect against mind magic and dreamwalking abuses from others
  • always doing their duty whether they or anyone else wants them to or not
  • the dream realm must always have an active Dreamwarden if they choose to bind themselves into eternal dream.

Tropes of the oaths include:

  • Curse Escape Clause: Averted. Phobia herself states that, if she learned that a nuclear bomb were to be detonated at a major event her family was attending from a dream,she'd have to pretend nothing was wrong and let them die.
  • Geas: Inverted. Situations forcing a warden to violate one oath or the other lets them choose which oath to violate.
  • Magically Binding Contract: The Dreamwardens are literally incapable of violating these oaths and are the main restrictions on their power.
  • Mind Rape: Only they have permission to do so. But what they may do, and when, is still limited.
  • Dreamwarden Status: Dreamwardens listed below are listed in status as of beginning the final story in the Pandemic Timeline, so spoilers are included. Active means the Dreamwarden is actively a Dreamwarden at that time, and has a living body. Undead means they are actively a Dreamwarden, but exist only in the Dream Realm, with no living body. Deceased means they have been committed to Eternal Dream or cease to exist. Retires means they have given up their duties by escaping to a separate universe than their own and have no intention of returning.

Sha'am Maut

Warden of Death. (Deceased) Eldest of the wardens, and the most vicious. Often takes the form of a skeletal pony holding a wooden bowl. The wooden bowl is her representation of her concept of death. Over a hundred years old and lost children to various tragedies early in her life including famine induced by the British during World War II, conflict during the division of India and Pakistan, and disease. Gives her victims 'treats' after torturing them that erase memory of the torture. Resident of Delhi, India. Has a belief system that is a mix of Hindu and Sikh beliefs, with a strong nihilistic slant. Is committed to Eternal Dream following the Cataclysm of Riverview

Yinyu Wu Yan

Warden of Lust. (Undead) Young and energetic, works to help people understand their sexuality. Often takes the form of a multicolored seapony. Is noted for taking more personal interest in helping ponies and magic using humans, granting personal requests for personal mind alteration if they can make a case for themselves. Almost always appears as a multicolor seapony in the dream realm. Helps ponies understand and control passions. Prostitute in Beijing, China. Later dies in an attempt to flee China with her family. Her family escapes to the United States, but only because Yinyu sets herself on fire as a distraction.


Warden of Anger. (Undead) One of the least patient of the Dreamwardens. Has an extremely foul mouth. Leads a small band of ponies in Western Sahara/Morocco that don't wish to leave their Homeland but are under heavy persecution. Often appears to be on fire in the dream realm. Died in the Genocide of Morocco.

Psychic Calm

Warden of Peace. (Retired) Former therapist, who works to help ponies overcome difficulties. Sometimes takes his human form in the dream realm and sometimes takes the form of a stag. Located somewhere in the Western United States. Can be off-putting at first, by his lack of facial expressions or vocal tone, but quickly seems to be a non-judgmental listener. Retires after fourteen years of being Dreamwarden by crossing over to Equestria, where he is merely a powerful dreamwalker. Serves as an aid to Luna after his retirement.

Phobia Remedy

Warden of Fear. (Active) Works to help ponies overcome their fears and understand the reasons for fears. Known for saying fear is good because it tells you that there is danger. Daughter of Sunset Blessing. Takes a wide variety of forms in the dream realm. Claims to be the boogie monster. Seems to be the Dreamwardens' voice when dealing with the United States or United Nations.

Tikhiy Krik

Warden of Silence (Retired) Responsible for rule of secrecy. Had tongue ripped out shortly after transformation. Sometimes takes the form of a stone Minotaur in the dream realm. Located somewhere in Russia. Only speaks out loud when extremely angry. Retires from being Dreamwarden after just a few years by moving to Equestria where he is not a Dreamwarden, merely a powerful dreamwalker. Serves as an aid to Luna after he retires.


(Deceased) Dreamwarden that preceeded Luna as Dreamwarden of Equestria. Fell into disinterest and depression before passing the mantle of Dreamwarden onto Luna during the Equestrian-Night Pony War over 1000 years ago. Reigned as Dreamwarden of Equestria for over two million years. Creator of the Dreamwarden Oaths. Her race was never described in detail, but seemed to have been humanoid and capable of eating meat—actually eating the ancestors of Equestrian ponies as a common meal. That unknown Equestrian race is confirmed to be long extinct.


(Deceased) Dreamwarden that preceeded Kir'Ta in Equestria over two million years ago. Had been worshiped as a god at some point in the distant past. Reigned as Dreamwarden of Equestria for over four-hundred thousand years. Member of a long dead race that by description resembles a Beholder from D&D.


Dreamwarden of Equestria. (Active) Came into power as Dreamwarden during the Night Pony War in an effort to bring an end to the conflict without the total genocide of the night pony tribe. Was initially extremely harsh and brutal in bringing the night ponies under control resulting in the night ponies fearing her. However, she eventually came to be loved by the night pony tribe as years went by.


(Deceased) Dreamwarden in our universe billions of years ago. Long time friend and later rival to Triss. Feared going into the eternal dream so much that he planned out how to eliminate all magical life despite not directly doing it himself. Supplied the rave of "Thinkers" with knowledge on how to detect magic users at any distance which was incorporated into the Devourers and became their guidance system.

"The Great One"

(Deceased) First Dreamwarden in Luna's line, a primordial Dreamwarden formed by the universe itself. It is unknown how many Dreamwardens proceeded "The Great One" as Dreamwarden in Equestria as they are if different lines if they existed at all. Reigned an unknown amount of time until it grew tired and the mantle if Dreamwarden was taken up by Tregrez.


Warden of Song. (Undead) Becomes Dreamwarden following the Cataclysm of Riverview, as the replacement for Sha'am Maut. Takes the form of a robed human with pegasus wings, pony ears, and pony tail. Has additional Oaths laid upon her that make Dreamwarden votes binding, ban her from causing pain unless it is unavoidable, and give her a 200 year term limit. Considers herself a servant of the people of Earth, and is committed to fostering peace and cooperation between all people of Earth.

Rebecca Riddle

Warden of Creativity. (Active) A white pegasus mare with blonde mane, somewhat overweight. Heir of Psychic Calm after he retires to Equestria. Very friendly and outgoing, with a love of any creative undertaking. Lover of the arts, literature, music, design, animation, and movies. She becomes the public face of the Dreamwardens after becoming a Dreamwarden as an attempt to make the Dreamwardens seem more likable and approachable. Sometimes referred to as 'The Marshmallow' due to her white and pudgy appearance, combined with her innocent and cheerful demeanor. Takes advantage of the fact that she comes off as cute and cuddly while in negotiations.

     Dreamers, Departures and Desert Gateway 

Silver Eclipse/Joshua

A reclusive night pony whose fears of an impending apocalypse in the far off future drive him to find other creative minds in hopes that they could inspire change in the world, hopefully discovering something useful to use against the Devourers along the way.

Is the Oasis' Director, as of Desert Gateway.


A fearful night pony with dreams of an oasis where humans and ponies can live together without fear.

Tinker/Barnabas Baxter

An eccentric yet compassionate pegasus whose main goal is to help as many people as he can, seeing it as a sort of penance for his cold and uncaring behavior as a human.


Tinker's stoic yet loyal unicorn assistant and friend. He is the rational and more logical side of the duo which makes him seem cold and dismissive to others at times.


A genius yet egotistical night pony inventor who really only cares about getting the recognition he feels that he's entitled to.


A night pony and Sprocket's best and only "real" friend. She doesn't always agree with his plans but begrudgingly goes along with them if it'll make him happy.

Moonlight Dream/Jess

A night pony and one of Stanley's closest friends, she has a deep concern for him and only wants to make sure that he's safe. She can come off as a little overbearing as a result.


A unicorn and Stanley's childhood best friend who lives in Arizona. He's a little eccentric and over the top but is a genuinely optimistic pony.

Midnight Sun

A night pony cartographer who lives in the reclusive "City of Silence" in the Grand Canyon.

Dr. Jacques "Gizmo" Seeker

An elderly earth pony botanist who took up temporary residence in "The City of Silence".

Scarlet Moon

An astronomer and the sole night pony resident of Greenview Village. She befriends Silver out of loneliness, hoping that he'd stay in the town so she wouldn't feel so alone at night, but quickly realizes that this is a selfish wish and instead encourages him to pursue his dreams. Lives in the Oasis a few months later.

Desert Gateway


Only human who lives in the Oasis, as of Desert Gateway. A long time associate of Tinker and Gyro.

Diamond Glider

Silver's Assistant and one of his closest friends. He is the interim director whenever Silver is unavailable.


Pegasus, Proud and Fast.


Weather Pony born and raised in Michigan's Upper peninsula. Excited to work in a new environment.


Night Pony who comes as part of the visiting weather team.

     Big Apple 

Sapphire Sky

Sky-blue weather mare from Michigan's upper peninsula. Quickly joins an exchange program to visit Equestria.

Will Monte

Tan pegasus stallion from NYC. Quickly begins working on an experimental weather team in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


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