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Trivia / Pandemic

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The board game

  • Development Gag: The second edition of the game replaces Toronto with Montreal. The Montreal-based publisher Filosofia bought out Z-Man Games in 2011, so that is a nod to them.
  • Fan Nickname: The pairing of the Dispatcher and the Medic is known as the "Jesus Walk."note 
  • Genre Popularizer: Twice!
    • The original Pandemic demonstrated that board games could be strictly co-operative and accessible yet still provide an engaging and challenging puzzle with replay value. The number of co-operative board games on the market notably rose after its release.
    • Later, Pandemic: Legacy would do this again for legacy style games. While it had been done before, most notably in Risk: Legacy with which it shares a designer, the introduction of a strong narrative element was extremely well received and once again caused a rise in the number of legacy games being produced.

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