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Trivia / Pandemonium Wizard Village

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  • What Could Have Been: A number of things changed from the original concept sketches. Initially, Domika had a plague doctor mask that made the kikimora influences more obvious, Kayoh originally had talons, and strangely enough, Gyobu and Shinoda appeared as a priest and nun and were presumably going to preside over Anna's funeral. Zipher was also shown digging up her coffin.
    • Sho was at first considering including more romance tropes aside from the moment when Zipher accidentally pushes Domika to the ground. One that was close to being put in was Zipher walking in on both Domika and Kayoh while they were bathing.
    • Zipher was originally going to do several more odd jobs around the village in an attempt to worm his way into their favor. As he befriended the inhabitants, this would help give him second thoughts about the brigade's plan to drive them out.
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    • Malsus was going to have a larger story role and would come into conflict with Zipher over the latter's attempt to bring the dead back to life, as it goes against his role as a doctor. He also had a girlfriend/patient that resembled a hippocampus who was carted around in a portable tub. The latter still makes an appearance in the story, showing up in Chapter 10 and under his care, though it remains to be seen if they are still in a relationship in canon.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here. It's shared with the other mangas.

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