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Tear Jerker / Pandemonium Wizard Village

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  • Zipher's life was hard from the beginning. He lost his parents, but met Anna and found a reason to be happy. Then he developed a one-sided love for her, and with the destruction of Arkhamheim, he never told her how he felt, but she would never have reciprocated even if he'd told her. Even his trip to the village would not give him the results he initially wanted and he had to move on from Anna in the end.
  • Molte being shot by Crain. While she still survived it, everyone was horrified at how far over the edge Crain had gone.
  • In the final chapter, Crain comes to the realization that he was pursuing a lie and accomplished nothing except threaten the lives of an innocent village. He doesn't take it well, and leaves with the brigade to parts unknown. His final words really drive home how broken he's become.
    Crain: We'll continue... our trip... Everybody... collect the wounded... Retreat...
    Endecon: C...Captain... Where are we going... next?
    Crain: I don't know...

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