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Characters / Liars Go To Paradise

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    Main Cast 

Jason "Key" Sterling
Crenen Name: Strange Coward Boy

Birthday: April 19

The 18-year-old protagonist, Key is a sarcastic loner who tends to lie. A lot. He has no real aspirations in life and hasn't planned past graduation. But all that changes when he is shoved into a puddle and subsequently wakes up in world deceptively called Paradise.

Some tropes that apply to Key:


Birthday: September 10

High School chick-magnet and sickeningly arrogant jock, Chas isn't well liked by the local male population, especially Key. He seems to know more than he lets on and was the one who pushed Key into the portal-puddle.

Some tropes that apply to Key:

  • Jerk Jock: Or so Key assumes, up until Chas drops him into Paradise via puddle.

Crenen Name: Sick Nasty Dog

Birthday: June 6

Of Yenen Clan. The first inhabitant of Paradise whom Key meets. He is not a woman. Do not call him a woman. DO NOT CALL HIM A WOMAN.

Some tropes that apply to Jenen:


Birthday: June 6

Leader of Yenen Clan, Crenen is a megalomaniac with a penchant for giving orders and eating gerani.

Some tropes that apply to Crenen:

Tall Strong Jerk

Birthday: August 25

Of Yenen Clan. Tall, strong and loyal, he does Crenen's every bidding, especially the heavy-lifting jobs.

Some tropes that apply to Menen:

Screechy Hurting Girl

Birthday: October 15

Of Yenen Clan. She's a doctor (thus the "hurting") and she's a little (or a lot) bossy.

Mysterious Girly Guy

Birthday: December 1

A man associated with the Seer Veija.

Some tropes that apply to Lon:


Birthday: May 3

Ditzy as she is beautiful, Veija is a Seer who appears to know what's going on, but explaining it is another matter entirely.

Some tropes that apply to Veija:



Birthday: May 17

Key's loyal American Eskimo dog. He likes long walks and chasing squirrels. Is currently following Sick Nasty Dog around.

Some tropes that apply to Beastie: