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Characters / Forming Divine Beings

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Beings from Forming originating from Ain Soph.

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Ain Soph and Angels

     Ain Soph: The Absolute 

Not a character per se, but rather an infinite, universal, absolute consciousness which encompassed all of existence at the beginning of time...until Lucifer willed himself into being and created a tangible universe.


An angel who came into being to defeat Lucifer, but was tricked into helping create the universe. After trapping Lucifer in the center of the Earth, he was unable to return to the universal consciousness of Ain Soph, and retreated to the outer reaches of space.

  • Archangel Michael: Shares his name.
  • Honor Before Reason: Could've easily defeated Lucifer if he had simply used his Unblockable Strike immediately, but felt it would be unfair. After Lucifer uses him to create the universe, however, he has no qualms with using it to finish him off.
  • Manchild: Cries and throws temper tantrums whenever things don't go his way.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Lucifer tricks him into helping create the universe.

Another angel.


Lucifer, the Adversary

"I hereby declare myself island; my universe of me; independent of Ain Soph!"

The first being to ever take physical form and isolate himself from Ain Soph. He was trapped in the center of the Earth and separated from the Lapis Exilis, a magical gem called the Crown Jewel, but not before creating the universe. He drives most of the events of plot through his elaborate plot to escape his imprisonment, obtain the Crown Jewel, and regain power.

  • Ambiguously Evil: He has yet to do anything particularly harmful, and mostly just manipulates others for his own purposes. Lucifer's main sin thus far was creating the universe, which naturally doesn't seem that bad to us. The angels see it as an act of separating other beings from Ain Soph/God.
  • Big Bad: His morals and goals are vague, but he best fits the bill.
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  • The Chessmaster: Has Iapetus, Nommo, and an unnamed lizard-man all under his control across many years, as part of his plan to escape the Earth.
  • Physical God: Arguably, being the creator of the universe.
  • The Maker: Created the physical universe.
  • Satan: Though not related to any form of Hell, he is a rebellious former ally of God, a manipulative trickster, and his name sure fits.

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