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Thage's Tale

Thage is a dark mage and the leader of her tale. She excels in magical abilities and can equip books and staffs. She can focus on either fire or dark magic spells.
  • Anti-Magic: Thage cannot take damage from magical sources, which means a lot of the most heavy-hitting things CANNOT hurt her. On the other hand, she also cannot be healed except with medical items, and there's a limited number you can carry.
  • Came Back Wrong: It's implied that her current form is the result of the Librum Vespera's attempt to revive the Queen of Valdia.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: She's always wearing an elaborate black dress.

Known as Raki for short, he is a Majin helping Thage search for the Eternal Poison. A physical fighter that can claw and bite his foes and use an Aero spell. Being a wolf he has very good speed and movement on the field.
  • Treacherous Advisor: He manipulates Thage for his own purposes, though Thage is somewhat aware of it and manipulating him in turn.

A boy found wandering Bezek by Thage, who placed the Oath of Obedience on him. He is an archer that can equip both short and longbows. He learns healing spells and can focus on Aqua or Dark skills.

Ashley's Tale

Ashley is a priestess and the leader of her tale. She is a mixed fighter that can use maces and staffs as well as light magic effectively.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: She eventually learns of her heritage as half-Majin, as is the rest of the Valdian royal family.
  • Really Royalty Reveal: She eventually learns that she has ties to the Valdian royal family; specifically, she's Lenarshe's sister.
  • Yandere: Though she doesn't seem to realize it, she sometimes acts violently possessive of those close to her.

Ashley's childhood friend that accompanies her into Besek. He uses spears and has awesome speed on the field.
  • The Mole: It turns out that he's been spying on the Pope, on Leto's orders.

An archer ordered to accompany Ashley into Besek.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: He's a man pretending to be a woman. Even though the masquerade is quickly dropped, many NPC's continue to be confused.
  • Secret Identity: He's pretending to be the original Renya, who really was a woman.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Part of his disguise as the original Renya.

Olifen's Tale

The Commander of the Valdian knights and the leader of his tale. He enters Bezek searching for Princess Lenarshe, whom he had just married. He uses epees and shortswords.

A knight and childhood friend of Olifen, who accompanies his commander into Bezek. He can equip axes and spears and is a physical fighter.

A black mage accompanying Olifen. She can use Pyro and Aero skills and has pretty good speed on the field.

A priest sent with Olifen into Bezek. He is a white mage that uses light magic to attack and heal the party. He can equip staffs.
  • The Mole: It turns out he's been spying on Olifen, for the Pope.
  • Tagalong Kid: He's the youngest member of Olifen's party.

Rondemion's Tale

A legendary warrior who enters Bezek to find Morpheus, the Majin he supposedly slayed 25 years before. The leader of his tale, he can equip Greatswords and Axes.
  • Mid-Boss: His role in Thage, Olifen, and Ashley's stories is to act as one.
  • Secret Character: He becomes playable once you receive the proper ending of either Thage, Olifen, or Ashley's story.

Isapolis Residents

A young count, that has established a sanctuary within Bezek. In Rodemion's tale, he joins the warrior in his quest for Morpheus. He uses epees and books and cast a few useful spells.
  • The Chessmaster: He has one concerning the cataloguing of Majin that spans the entire game.
  • Secret Character: Duphaston's story is unlocked by seeing the four proper endings of all four other stories, plus completing the lexicon.
  • Secret Identity: In truth, Duphaston is merely a cover identity for the Majin Morpheus.

Raccoon-like creatures that always talk backwards. They serve as Duphaston's servants, and some can even be recruited as mercenaries to fight with.

Valdian Royalty

    King Valdus 
The ruler of Valdia.
  • Big Bad: It turns out that he set everything in motion by killing his own queen for her power and pursuing his daughter when she disappeared to stop him from sacrificing her to bring back Izel.

The princess of Valdia, whose disappearance motivates her fiancé Olifen to journey into Bezek.


A wandering Warrior who enters Bezek looking for thrills. She can equip Swords and spears at a later level. She is a physical fighter with lots of speed but low defense.

An archer looking to assist people within Bezek. She knows some healing magic as well.

A dark priest who excels with Malus and Aqua skills, and can also summon Majin. He uses books, staffs and maces.

A white mage that uses light magic to attack and heal the party. Low HP and defense.

A young girl who has a hatred for the Majin. She uses Malus skills and uses books to attack.

A General in the Valdian Army. He uses axes and hammers to attack. Physical but very slow.

A wandering warrior who is looking for work. He can use swords and maces, but there's nothing special about his stats.

A Stag soldier looking for a fugitive in Bezek. She can use Epees and Librums, and has a decent magic repertoire.

Another Stag solider also looking for a fugitive. He uses Long and Short Bows.


  • Wake-Up Call Boss: No matter who you pick first, your first boss tends to be pretty easy, if somewhat difficult to capture. Then Morpheus shows up and shows you exactly how bosses in this game are going to be, as a general rule of thumb. His status as this is actually justified in-game; in his guise as Count Duphaston, he's been following your movements, no matter what tale you choose, so he knows just what you're capable of.

    Doom Shade 


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