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    Doctor Solar 

Doctor Solar/Phillip Seleski

A scientist who gained godlike power in a science accident. While the details of how he gains his powers vary for each incarnation, the results are always the same: absolute mastery over matter-energy manipulation.

  • A God Am I: Played with in the valiant comics run. While it does occur to Phil that he is no longer a man and does things that mess with time, space, and reality, even creating an alternate version of earth, he never outright thinks of himself as a god.
  • A God, I Am Not: This is played straight during the Dark Horse mini-series with Dr. Seleski outright denying he is one and refuses to see himself this way.
  • Super Power Lottery: Solar is probably one of the biggest winners in comics barring cosmic level beings that can warp reality on a vast universe wide scale. His primary ability is that he can completely control matter and energy, conversion from one to the other, and has the senses to perceive all levels of reality. This give him a wide array of abilities which include:
    • Barrier Warrior: Solar can create multiple types of energy fields and even give shapes to them much like the DC hero Green Lantern.
    • Biomanipulation: While he cannot create, Solar can manipulate life and organic compounds via molecular and atomic manipulation.
    • Energy Absorption: Solar is able to absorb any type of energy and use it to increase his own abilities or convert it into toher effects.
    • Energy Donation: Solar can transfer energy from himself to other sources be they machines or other super-powered individuals.
    • Eye Beams
    • Flight
    • Gravity Master
    • Hand Blast
    • Healing Factor: Any damage done to Solar's physical form can be repaired almost instantly through his ability to manipulate atoms and molecules.
    • Immortality: Solar is no longer bound by biological limitations and control his form completely becoming Ageless and immune to any physical ailment.
    • Intangibility
    • Invisibility
    • Mind over Matter: By being able to manipulate matter and energy interchangeably, he can move, shape, and control various forms of matter.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability
    • Power of Creation: While Solar cannot make energy or matter from nothing, he can reform and restructure energy and matter to create theoretically anything.
    • Reality Warper: Of the manipulate his physical surroundings variety. It's also important to note that Solar's powers require him to build and shape things around him the way an architect plans a building and a construction worker puts it together. He doesn't simply wish things into existence.
    • Self-Duplication
    • Shapeshifting
    • Space Master: Solar can shift himself from one point to another via extra dimensional shifting and quantum entanglement.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Solar in the Valiant comics run had difficulty using his powers for the benefit of others and would often cause as much harm as good. This ultimately caused his sanity to deteriorate somewhat and to say he made some bad decisions with his power is an understatement.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Solar in the Dark horse mini-series was arguably a reconstruction of the Valiant version of Solar and the writer, Shooter, goes out of his way to show that with this version of Solar, power doesn't have to corrupt. This version of Solar is a more straight up hero.