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  • There's a division between fans who want to see more "Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader" matches, and fans who think those battles are getting stale and the focus of the show should be placed elsewhere. The latter was acknowledged in "Hitler vs. Vader 3" in the form of an included comment.
  • "Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes" is very polarizing; half the fans like it just fine, the other half are put off by the delivery of Batman's verses, on top of Batman having very few good lines.note  Epic LLOYD actually references this in the Season 5 finale.
    And then I try to tell you things but you're too stubborn to understand/Like dude that is not a cool way to play Batman!
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  • Reception to "Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc" was pretty divided: while some people are fine with it, it has a share of detractors who think it's one of the worst battles. There are also fans who are disappointed at the match-up and wish Joan had gotten a different opponent.
  • Invoked with the mention of the Affordable Care Act in ERB News 3.5. The hosts are well aware that it will be very divisive, describing it as "Polarizing News."
    Theodore Roosevelt: Some people will hate it. (clip of Lincoln smacking Obama) Some people will love it. (clip of Lincoln smacking Romney) I! Don't! Give A! Damn!
  • While most fans are otherwise fine, some fans are split about Goku vs Superman...mainly because how Goku is played by Ray William Johnson, who is pretty disliked by more elite YouTube enthusiasts.
  • Many people found "Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poe" either unfair because Stephen King had a longer second verse, or fair because Poe's really fast rapping compensated for it.
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  • "Artists vs. Turtles" caused a bit of division between people who loved it, and people who thought that it was good but weak compared to other season finales. The fact that Season 4 started with an even bigger battle suggests that Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter could have done a better job.
  • The first two battles of Season 4's second half ("Lewis and Clark vs. Bill and Ted", "Harry Houdini vs. David Copperfield"). Some call the battles "brilliant", and others find them lackadaisical and missing the spark that made the series so great to begin with. The two sides do not get along.
  • James Bond vs. Austin Powers had varied reception, with some thinking the battle should have been Daniel Craig's Bond vs. Sean Connery's Bond from the beginning, and some thinking that Austin Powers shouldn't have been pushed to the side halfway through.
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  • Douglass vs Jefferson also got this, with some claiming that Douglass pulled the race card to win and never actually countered Jefferson's question of "The fuck did you do?", while others felt that Douglass made multiple fair points. The fact that Jefferson was forced by the writers to spend his entire second verse countering the slavery accusations was also poorly received by some. However, there's a growing number of fans that counter that Thomas Jefferson wasn't "defending" himself for an entire verse, but rather that he was condescending to Frederick Douglass: more specifically, he's talking down to Douglass instead of apologizing. (The last line "So forgive me! I was busy, I had a lot to do. But we did it, you're free now so...we cool?" is used to further this point.) Because of this, there's an Alternate Character Interpretation going on that the writers weren't just turning Jefferson into a weak-willed strawman.
  • Bruce Banner vs. Bruce Jenner is one of the most divisive battles in the show's history, with by far the highest dislike percentage. This is due to the presence of Caitlyn Jenner (see Base-Breaking Character above), as well as how one-sided it becomes in the second half note . Then there's the debate over whether Banner should've had a different opponent; one side dislikes the reasoning behind the matchup (simply the fact that they're both named Bruce and that they have a second form to them that changes radically who they were) and often brings up Henry Jekyll as a better choice, while the other side says that Jenner deserved a voice and/or that Jekyll would have been too obvious. And that's before getting into the political side of things, with some people accusing the battle of being transphobic, others calling it too "politically correct," and still others who think the first two groups are making mountains out of molehills.
  • Ivan the Terrible vs. Alexander the Great also has varied reception. Some thinks that the battle should have kept Alexander and Frederick the Great alive at least until the end of the battle for them to have an all out brawl with Catherine the Great and Ivan while others think that is just too many characters and the former two would end up doing nothing anyway and/or that Catherine's rap and Alexander's / Frederick's historical accurate death was awesome enough to compensate for their send off. Most of them agree that Pompey the Great is completely wasted, though.
  • Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Apart from the obvious, Lincoln explicitly telling Hillary to 'beat this dummy' and a call-back to Obama vs Romney, where Lincoln slaps Trump... and then slaps him again have caused a lot of controversy, as it blatantly showed Lincoln favoring Clinton over Trump. Clinton supporters usually concur Lincoln's bias was meant to be a warning about Trump rather than an endorsement of Clinton. By nature of being about politics, say more at your own peril.


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