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There's a reason why she's going number 1 worldwide and her music is considered "very refreshing".

  • The fact that "Royals" topped the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks (knocking Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" off the spot when it looked like she was going to dominate), becoming the first record by a New Zealander to do so, and ultimately went 7x multi-platinum in the US alone. Keep in mind, she was only 16 when this happened. "Royals" also topped the US Alternative Charts, making her the first female artist to achieve this feat since before she was born.
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  • "Glory and Gore" is very well loved by her growing fanbase. "We gladiate but I guess we're really fighting ourselves", "We mean it but we promise we're not mean", "Do you even wanna go free".
  • "Ribs" has a great vocal-synth opening leading into what might be the most vulnerable and intense songs on the album, as well as one of the best.
  • "Team" — either the intro or the octave jump in the chorus are the crowning moments of one of the most atmospheric songs in her catalog.
  • "Million Dollar Bills" - the vocal hook is so instantly captivating that it propels the song to being sheer awesomeness.
  • "Yellow Flicker Beat", the song she wrote for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. It keeps perfectly to her usual sound while still managing to sound like something that belongs in a Hunger Games movie.
  • "Meltdown", her song with Pusha T, Q-Tip, Haim and Stromae from the same soundtrack. The odd Dream Team works exceptionally well, and her vocals on the chorus emphasise Hunger Games feel, whilst also not deviating from her own sound despite the collaborators.
  • "The Louvre" is absolutely gorgeous, and has some of her best lyrics, to boot.
  • Her debut album Pure Heroine, while it never topped the Billboard 200 (peaking at #3), stayed on the top 10 for a long time, and ultimately went double platinum (an extremely rare feat for any artist nowadays). It went on to sell three million copies worldwide. Not bad for a teenage girl from New Zealand.
  • Her tribute to David Bowie at the BRIT Awards, with Bowie's backing band no less, performing an incredibly moving and pitch-perfect version of "Life On Mars." If Lady Gaga paid homage to Ziggy with her Grammy tribute, Lorde honored The Thin White Duke. It also helps that Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, was there and heartily approves of her performance.
  • "Writer In The Dark" and "Liability" off of Melodrama are quite possibly Lorde's most raw, emotionally vulnerable songs to date, but also her most incredible, with the former's heart-shredding vocals and the latter's melancholic piano.


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