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Awesome Music / Dumb and Dumber

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  • "Crash" by The Primitives blaring while Lloyd drives the fan. Upbeat Post-Punk at its best.
  • The Crash Test Dummies' "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" shows up in one (fittingly depressing) scene.
  • The Gigolo Aunts' moment in the sun, "Where I Find My Heaven", is a highlight, playing over Harry & Lloyd's last stretch before reaching Aspen. Just sunny, Power Pop goodness in a feel-good scene.
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "Red Right Hand" playing during the scene where Lloyd tells the old lady to watch his stuff is nothing short of awesome and funny (even if both it and the scene qualify as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment). Also, bonus points are added for anyone who first learned of the song and the artist/band from this film, even before Scream or Peaky Blinders.
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  • Todd Rundgren's synth-laden score is also a highlight, be it the tender "Love Theme" when Lloyd first met Mary or the heartbreaking "Home" after both he and Harry were fired from their respective jobs. His score was so good, it ended up being reused in the sequel.
  • Deadeye Dick's "New Age Girl," with its instantly memorable chorus, shows up in the scene where Lloyd heads to the hotel bar to wait for Mary.


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