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Awesome Music / Duma

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John Debney and George Acogny's score for the film is simply beautiful.

  • "Duma Orphaned" starts out soft and gentle, as we first meet Duma and his family. Then, as the mother cheetah senses danger, it becomes tense and suspenseful, before swelling gloriously as she races out to defend the cubs and is pursued by the lions.
  • The Swazi lullaby "Kaboyi, Kaboyi" plays over the scene where Xan and Duma first set out on their journey, and again over the end. It's gentle, haunting, and sure to get stuck in your head.
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  • "Land Yacht Remix" is a short but colorful track, playing as Xan and Duma first ride out onto the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.
  • "Cute Kitten Montage" is a soft, soothing piece that perfectly captures the peaceful idyll of Duma's life with Xan and family on the farm.
  • "Croc River" is intense, at times terrifying, and stirring.


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