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Awesome Music / Cardcaptor Sakura

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In a series that is Sweet Dreams Fuel incarnate, expect to see many happy and cute songs. (Though it does have its fair share of sad and dramatic songs.)

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • "Sakura's Theme II" not only is an awesome song, but also plays during almost every action scene in the first two seasons in addition to every next episode teaser. By the third season, it gets replaced with the equally cool "Card wo Tsugumono".
  • The third season opening theme, "Platinum", was composed by Yoko Kanno for Maaya Sakamoto, so this being here isn't unexpected. Then there's the awesome orchestral arrangement in "Hontou no Ichiban". Played when Syaoran comforted a crying Sakura after Yukito politely turn down her confession.
  • In addition to the aforementioned "Platinum'', the other openings and endings deserve a mention. They are: "Catch You Catch Me", "Tobira wo Akete", "Groovy!", "Honey", and "Fruits Candy".
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  • The Cardcaptors English dub also had really nice music, with the crowning piece being "Guardian of the Cards".
  • The English dub opening played up the mysticism and tension of the show over the comedy and sweetness, but it did it really well. That chant is cool, describing all of the cards the main characters could face and reminding the audience that Clow Cards could be anything.
  • The awesome insert song, "Mienai Chizu". Played at the end of the episode where Sakura meets Clow's spirit and right before Sakura, Yue and Kero's last duel with Eriol, Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun.
  • The Korean dub of the opening (Cardcaptor Cherry) is cute and bouncy.
  • The French dub uses Froggy Mix's "No Nagging" and "Razzmatazz" for its first and second opening themes, which are both fun, upbeat Europop style songs. For unknown reasons, "Razzmatazz" replaced the English dub's opening for the Sakura Card arc when it aired in the United Kingdom.