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OVA series:

  • "Kon'ya wa Hurricane" establishes the mood of the entire series. It's chaotic, fast paced and knows what nerve to hit.
  • "Mad Machine" contrasts sharply against "Kon'ya wa Hurricane" with cold, deliberate notes, matching the Chaotic Good vs. Lawful Evil tone of the series.
  • "Asu e Touchdown", the insert song for Episode 3, seems at first a song about childhood friends turned lovers learning to find hope for tomorrow even in the face of the dystopia of series setting. However, the song itself actually works on many levels, since all of the Knight Sabers are singing it, it can also beseen as them giving hope to the people of MegaTokyo, especially with how the official video set them up on a stage rising up over the city. The same video also shows the past lives of the members as well as how Sylia recruited them, so it can be seen as Sylia's song for them to join her in her quest.
  • "Mysterious Night" is the only song that is sung by all of the Knight Sabers and used as the opening theme to an episode. It sets the mood for "Moonlight Rambler" all too well. "Don't close your heart" indeed.
  • After an episode that eschewed an opening song for an eerie soundtrack, having a heart-pumping song like "Rock Me" just screams of triumph.
  • "Say Yes!" (which just may be the most 80s song ever recorded, in the best possible way) and "Never The End" are a testament to Vision's awesomeness and proof that underneath her gruff exterior is the heart of an artist.
  • "Bye Bye My Crisis" and "Chase the Dream" are just the best songs to have for a finale. Despite the loose ends, you just know the Knight Sabers will handle it.

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