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Nightmare Fuel / Bubblegum Crisis

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Big Sister is watching you

From The Original Series

  • Tinsel City ends with a boomer who looks like a little girl being trapped on an island that's being assimilated by a renegade boomer. The sight of all those biomechanical tendrils crawling under her skin is incredibly creepy, topped off with her very human cry of "HELP ME!"
  • The doberman boomers from Moonlight Rambler are clearly meant to look as threatening as possible.
  • Largo's casual destruction of various Genom towers, wiping out multiple city blocks in several countries and murdering hundreds of thousands in the process. Hell, even Quincy and Madigan are both horrified by this level of brutality.


From The 2040 Series

  • Any time a boomer goes rogue, it transforms into some grotesque hybrid of machine and beast. They also have a penchant for skulking around dark spaces where people might be passing by.
  • The episodes where Nene and several AD Police employees were trapped inside their headquarters by an army of rogue boomers.
  • "Why didn't it die? It should have died when they destroyed its core..."
  • Mackie under Galatea's mind control is extraordinarily creepy.
  • Galatea possessing the Umbrella Satellite (pictured). This allows her the ability to cause every single boomer on Earth to go rogue, as well as the ability to blast cities with a laser cannon. At this point, she's more than just the Boomer Queen, she's the boomer goddess.

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