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Considering the nature of World War X, there are a lot. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Wotan's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Samyaza when he finds out that Erzengel was being powered by Balder, his son. He rips him into pieces and throws him into Nidhoggr's domain, where he will be savaged by the dragon for eternity.
  • Atlas throwing the Wrath Of Apollo at Erzengel.
  • The first Soviet Big Damn Heroes moment, with a wide variety of infantry and tanks assaulting the alves to the Soviet March.
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  • San Martin Txiki versus the Wendigo. To rephrase that, a very old, very short man who uses a cane outruns the Wendigo and manages to seriously humiliate a twenty-foot-tall supernatural cannibalistic monstrosity. It would have worked too, if not for some unforeseen improvised attack on the Wendigo's part (which is itself a Funny Moment).
  • Yugure, who up to that point had simply been a normal Japanese guy with a terrible stutter, kills Liberty Prime by throwing a sword through it's power core, thereby cementing himself as unnaturally badass and foreshadowing the revealing of his true identity: a Shinigami.
    • Yugure gets another one when he, a simple shinigami, stands up to Samael and causes him so much grief he stops attempting to steal his power.
  • Heracles solution to seeing the Throne Of Vulcan is not to bring in extra firepower, like any sane person, or even to Colossus Climb the titanic robot, but instead to strap himself to a rocket and fire himself onto the thing, and proceed to hit it repeatedly with his club.
  • The Sky Fortress Seiryuu is attacked by a large Allied force, Samael, the Bushman's team, Tsukihime Kasumi in her new Nephilim form, Father Christmas, and the entirity of Justice Flight. Who is responsible for it's eventual destruction? The Spy.
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  • After spending much of his time manipulating events from the wings and relying on Fenrir and Jormungandr to do his dirty work, the Well-Dressed Man finally proves himself worthy of the title of Big Bad when takes on the entire Basque pantheon and fights them to a standstill before revealing that he enslaved Zeus, King of the Greek Gods. Magnificent Bastard, much?
  • During Hecate's first appearance following her Face–Heel Turn, she takes down almost the entire party, possessing Novikov and using him to overpower Ziegmund, fighting off Flanker and Koschei, disabling Sleipnir physically and disabling Rusalka psychically. Just as she is about to kill Sleipnir, Rusalka wins an offscreen Battle in the Centre of the Mind against Hecate, effectively banishing her through psychic backlash.
  • The Heavy destroying the Defender mecha, an invincible war machine piloted by a psychopath, after Sacha was sliced in half by the latter. When it turned out his bullets were useless, he increased the barrels' rotation speed while firing up its Laser Blade. The result.
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  • The tomb-raiding party of Ogoun, Pierre, Lockner and Mackenzie find themselves trying to outru a giant stone ball in a cramped sloping corridor that opens out into a Bottomless Pit. Ogoun's response is to summon a blast of air so hot it carries them upwards to the only exit, protected by his powers.

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