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  • Even though he's not the main focus character this time, Kaladin keeps bringing the awesome:
    • It's minor, but Kaladin beats Wit at his own game. After Wit has been messing with him for awhile Wit accuses him of not being able to enjoy himself.
      Wit: So frank, so blunt. You and Dalinar are alike, certainly. Someone needs to teach the pair of you to have a good time now and then.
      Kaladin: I know full well how to have a good time.
      Wit: Is that so?
      Kaladin: Yes. It involves being anywhere you aren't.
      • Wit can only stare in surprise before chuckling and saying Kaladin has a spark if wit in him.
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    • Kaladin helping Adolin fight off four Shardbearers at once in the dueling ring. Highlights include kicking Shardplate so hard it breaks.
    • Kaladin killing a chasm fiend while Brought Down to Normal.
      • He also manages to survive being trapped in a chasm during a highstorm with the help of Shallan, which is something everyone thought impossible.
      • Following that, their successful return leaves everyone else stunned and he delivers one HELL of a Wham Line.
    • Kaladin speaking the Third Ideal Of The Windrunners, restoring Syl to life and allowing her to assume Shard form. This also summoned every drop of Light in the hall, instantly healing him of otherwise mortal internal injuries and multiple shattered ribs.
    • Kaladin's final fight against the Assassin in White, starting with his saving Dalinar from being Lashed into the sky, slamming into the ground in front of Szeth with a perfect, rock-shattering Three-Point Landing, and then proceeding to duel him through two Highstorms. By the end, Szeth is completely outclassed, mentally shattered, and ends up functionally committing suicide on Kaladin's Shardspear.
      • Syl gets a couple of her own during this sequence, first when she shouts down the Stormfather in his own all caps font, then with the line "Oh. That's right. You probably want me to be a spear, don't you?"
      • When Kaladin arrives, he delivers this Badass Boast:
        Kaladin: You sent him to the sky to die, assassin, but the sky and the winds are mine. I claim them, as I now claim your life.
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    • Kaladin has no shortage of awesome lines during his fight with Szeth.
      Szeth: You only just acquired your abilities.
      Kaladin: No. The wind is mine. The sky is mine. They have been mine since childhood. You are the trespasser here, not me.
  • Zahel. Everything he seems to say or do is made of win. This man bosses Kaladin around like he is a raw recruit (which he actually doesn't seem to mind). Doubles as a Funny Moment when he orders Prince Renarin to hurl himself of the roof of the training building multiple times and he does.
    • Made even better with the revelation that he is Vasher from Warbreaker.
  • Dalinar's Batman Gambit against Amaram, completely exposing his treachery once and for all. Also, the reveal that he didn't take any chances and bonded with a new Shardblade while pretending to be ill. And the fact he reveals this by summoning the Shardblade already pointed at Amaram's throat, seconds before Amaram summoned his own.
  • Also, the Kholin's first gambit against Sadeas was really good too, only failing because of Kaladin's recklessness and, most importantly, Elhonkar being unable to regain control and letting Sadeas finagle his way out of it. Realizing how he's been played however, and how close it was to succeeding, causes Sadeas to freak out and have a minor breakdown afterwards. And even if Sadeas slipped away, the Kholin faction still won multiple Shardblades and Shardplate sets, which is still a huge gain and victory for the Kholin faction.
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  • At the end of the book, Adolin finally has enough of Sadeas's treason, and kills him before he can poison Dalinar's triumph. With nothing but a knife and his bare hands. He takes masterful opportunity of the situation to kill Sadeas in a way that wouldn't narrow it down to a Shardbearer, dispose of Oathbringer, dispose of any other evidence connecting him to the murder and then quickly sneak off to one of his search teams so he'd have an alibi since nobody knew he was at the scene of the murder to begin with aside from the victim.
  • Once Dalinar understands how new Radiants are created, he becomes the first one of the generation to seek out and bind a spren deliberately: The Stormfather himself.
  • During the duel in the arena where Adolin fights four Shardbearers at once, the first person to come to his aid? Renarin. He can barely fight, is completely unable to really do anything against a Shardbearer, and doesn't even have a suit of Plate, but he goes out to help his brother against completely impossible odds. Gets even better later, when you realize the only reason he wasn't effective was because of the tension between his spren and the dead Shardblade Adolin had given him. If he had his real Blade, he might have actually helped turn the tide.
    • The fact that Renarin is even able to fight as long as he does when he's got a dead spren screaming in his head the whole time, which is so terrible it causes Relis to break down and flee in abject terror and agony when Kaladin catches his Blade, and even Kaladin himself is almost incapacitated by the screams.
  • And let's talk about the man himself: Adolin fought four Shardbearers. He was alone, he didn't know if he'd ever get any help, but not only did he not run away, he realized they were afraid of him. And, for a short while, he was even winning (specifically, he would most likely have been able to defeat three of them on his own).
  • Sebarial's attitude during the final battle is listed under the funny moments, but it becomes awesome once he casually mentions to have taken control of Roion's army and re-established order in its ranks after said Highprince's death as if it was nothing important. Dalinar realizes then that, despite his attitude, Sebarial actually is really good at his job.
  • Shallan convincing the deserters that You Are Better Than You Think You Are and turning them back into soldiers, and from there into heroes. A beautiful example of what holding the powers of Light and Transformation means.
    • Before that, she pulls a perfect Bavarian Fire Drill and seizes control of a group of slavers with nothing more than nerve and a perfect lighteyed manner.
      • Her entire path to the Shattered Plain is a collection of Awesome Bavarian Fire Drills. As Tyn points out, she seized control of three separate groups with no authority, no money, not even any shoes.
    • Later on, she summons Pattern as a Blade and kills Tyn.
    • She also works out how a Lightweaver's Soulcasting works with absolutely no teaching, in a matter of seconds.
    • Shallan's gifts may be less flashy then Kaladin's, but their power when used correctly is awe-inspiring.
    • When she used just manners and Refuge in Audacity to make Sebarial not only accepting her in his camp (so that she doesn't have to depend on Dalinar's benevolence) and to provide an income for her, and it works. Then she's able to use the same audacity, her powers and quick-thinking to make the Ghostbloods accept her in their ranks, foiling their different attempts to spy on her.
    • When Shallan finally figures out how to open the way to Urithiru.
      Shallan grabbed the hilt of his sword and whipped it out—ignoring the scream in her mind that came from touching it—then tossed it aside. Adolin's sword vanished to mist.
      A deep truth.
      "There is something wrong with your Blade, and with all Blades." She hesitated for just a second. "All but mine. Pattern!"
  • At the climax of the book, when the highstorm and Everstorm collide, throwing entire plateaus into the sky.
  • Dalinar managing to hold his own against Szeth for a while in a fight. As he does, he finally comes to terms with his My Greatest Failure attitude about Gavilar, realising that he wouldn't have been able to stop Szeth even if he'd been there to help his brother, and is at peace.
  • Prior to that attempt, when Dalinar faces Szeth the first time, he actually manages to catch Szeth's Blade in his bare hands. Szeth himself was so impressed by that badassery that he stops for a second.
  • At the end of the book, Dalinar becomes a Radiant. Unlike all the others, however, he is not chosen by a spren, but it is him who convinces the spren to form the bonding with nothing but unadulteraed badassery. Oh, and the spren he bonds with? The Stormfather itself. For bonus points, Dalinar realized that there was something wrong with the Shardblades before becoming a radiant.
  • The fact that Renarin even managed to bind a Shardblade at all, given that he is a Radiant, is one. We know that binding a Shardblade requires holding it for days—and both Kaladin and Dalinar couldn't stand the screaming of dead spren in their head for more than around a minute. Renarin had to put up with that for days while binding the Blade, and then again every time he summoned it—and he still went into battle.
  • Shallan managing to render Wit, one of the biggest Deadpan Snarkers in an entire series dominated by them, speechless. With a hug.

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