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  • Kaladin and Bridge Four taking on more or less an entire Parshendi army. And only three of them died despite the fact that most of Bridge Four had no actual battle experience at all and some of them were already wounded.
  • The part where Kaladin lands dead in the centre of a group of Parshendi and speaks the second ideal without ever having heard of it before "I Will protect those who cannot protect themselves".
    • Taken Up to Eleven when the Parshendi immediately recognise him as a Windrunner, one of the Knights Radiant, and whole groups of them turn around and start running away. And then, a few chapters onward, the revelation arrives that the Parshendi and Parshmen are the Voidbringers. Who Kaladin just fought against (in their hundreds, possibly thousands) with no Blade and no Shardplate, and won.
  • Kaladin deciding to lead Bridge Four back to rescue Dalinar's men, giving up their chances of escape.
  • Kaladin single handedly changing bridge runs forever by drawing the ire of the entire Parshendi army by wearing their dead in his armor and dodging all of the arrows fired at him until Sadeas' troops are in position. Certainly works better than his first idea.
  • The part where Kaladin dreams he is a highstorm blowing through the lands.
  • Kaladin killing a shardbearer with only a spear and minimal armor.
    • And one for his squad when they follow him against the Shardbearer, who had just killed four of them effortlessly.
  • Also, the way that Kaladin kills the Shardbearer. He tries fighting in close with his spear, and the Shardblade cuts off the head of the spear. Kaladin throws his knife at the Shardbearer's helmet slit, but just barely misses. Then, as the spearhead tumbles down past him, Kaladin grabs it and slams it through the visor slit into the man's face.
  • Kaladin again, pulling a Bavarian Fire Drill more or less organizing the retreat of Dalinar's forces, ordering around Dalinar's officers, then topping it off by ordering around Adolin (who was waving his Shardblade around during the conversation) and Dalinar..
  • Yet another from the same battle. After Bridge Four narrowly survives an all out attack by the Parshendi archers A second volley of arrows is fired. And Kaladin uses his powers to draw every single arrow to the shield on his arm, blasting him off his feet and destroying the shield (and severely wounding his arm). It is worth noting that everyone who saw it immediately stopped and stared in amazement. Enemy and ally alike. The Parshendi even shout (in their own language) that he's a Radiant before breaking ranks and fleeing in awe and terror.

  • Dalinar proving his loyalty to Elhokar by beating the shit out of him despite Elhokar's screaming for his guards (which were loyal to Dalinar) and trying to defend himself. The point is to prove that Dalinar could kill Elhokar whenever he wanted; he hasn't because he doesn't want to. And to top it all off, he does so incredibly soon after being nearly killed, while his Shardplate is incredibly weak, and STILL manages to destroy Elhokar's Plate without a weapon.
    • He then proceeds to intimidate and basically order Elhokar, his own king, into making him High Prince of War, and basically declares he is basically done with the bullshit of his fellow High Princes, deciding they're basically a bunch of man-children with Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.
    • And while Dalinar's doing this he's also letting Elhokar know what a little shit he's been the whole time, and finishes it off by telling Elhokar that he's dating Elhokar's mom.
  • Dalinar gets another when he gives up his Shardblade, thus adhering to his ideals despite seemingly contradictory obligations. Also a heartwarming moment; see that page for details.
  • Dalinar again when he stops the Chasmfiend. By himself.
  • When Kaladin first uses his tactic of wearing Parshendi armor to draw their attention, it works spectacularly to draw their arrow shots away from Bridge Four and the other Bridges. However, a group of Parshendi are so enraged that they send a group of archers around the main fight to kill the unarmed and exposed bridgemen... only for Dalinar to personally leap into the fray and save Bridge Four. Not only did Dalinar go out of his way to save a group of men that Sadeas' army considered Cannon Fodder, but he spotted the Parshendi in the middle of the battle and rushed to intercept them almost instantly.

    Other Characters 
  • In the backstory, Taln. It's mentioned that he rarely survives the Desolations, throwing himself into unsurvivable fight after unsurvivable fight, and, after he dies, he automatically ends up in be tortured for millennia. Because of this character trait, he is not present when the other Heralds break the Oathpact because they can't take it anymore. Likely, he was fully aware of his unwillingness to deliberately return to Braize and made sure to force the issue by ensuring that he never survived the Desolations, therefore negating the temptation to disobey the Oathpact. Wow.
  • Just about every time Szeth fights. Running on walls, throwing people into ceilings, beating shardbearers with no weapons occasionally, and lastly, hitting a shardbearer with a giant stone accelerating at 20 times the acceleration of gravity, approximately 196 meters per second per second, turning the shardplate molten.
    • Actually, according to Word of God, Roshar's gravity is about 0.7 of Earth's, so it's really only 137 meters per second squared, but the point still stands.
  • Jasnah using her Soulcaster to change a gang of of notorious criminals into various substances, killing them. Horrifying, yet effective.
  • In part five of The Way of Kings, Jasnah saving Shallan from Shadesmar with a raft.
  • Renarin (who suffers from epilepsy that gives him crippling seizures) charging into battle with a chasmfiend unarmed and unarmored because his father was in danger.
  • Syl fighting off deathspren with a sword of light to protect Kaladin as he suffers the effects of direct exposure to a highstorm.
  • Syl again, just before Kaladin and his squad go back to save Dalinar. "Do the windspren create the wind or follow it? I know what kind of spren I am. I am honorspren."
  • Kaladin's father, Lirin, runs off a group of townsfolk who tried to rob him of the money he was saving for Kaladin's education by whipping out the spheres, blinding them with the light, and yelling at them to come and take them, while accusing them of being ingrates to the town's surgeon who had saved many of their lives. The would-be robbers quietly flee in shame.


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