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Tear Jerker / Words of Radiance

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  • The attack on the Wind's Pleasure early in the book. Not only are innocent soldiers and Jasnah cut down, but Shallan has to soulcast the boat into water to escape. The ship is intelligent, and just wants to serve. It sounds so...sad that it isn't able to remain serving as a ship.
    • Particularly since Shallan fails to soulcast anything else when she tries later. The only reason that she succeeded was that the Wind's Pleasure accepted her point that its crew would be slaughtered unless it changed, and gave up its life for its crew.
  • About 90% of Shallan's flashbacks, but the one where she poisons her father, then strangles him with a necklace he gave her as a present stands out.
    • Not to mention the revelation that she also had to kill her mother, who apparently turned on Shallan due to some sort of Fantastic Racism.
  • Shallan reveals what lies Beneath the Mask:
    An image formed in front of her, born of Stormlight, created by instinct. She hadn't needed to draw this image first, for she knew it too well.
    The image was of herself. Shallan, as she should be. Curled in a huddle on the bed, unable to weep for she had long since run out of tears. This girl... not a woman, a girl... flinched whenever spoken to. She expected everyone to shout at her. She could not laugh, for laughter had been squeezed from her by a childhood of darkness and pain.
    That was the real Shallan. She knew it as surely as she knew her own name. The person she had become instead was a lie, one she had fabricated in the name of survival.
  • "I don't want revenge. I want my family."
    • Also, think it from Pattern's point of view. Luckly, for him Blue-and-Orange Morality is in effect, but he fully knows the person he is closest to hates him, and will kill him in the future.
  • Kaladin being told by the Stormfather that he killed Syl.
  • Szeth's realization that he was right about the Radiants' return the entire time, meaning that he was made Truthless for nothing.
  • Kaladin trying to justify Elokhars murder and making a horrible realization between the king and Dalinar
    Kaladin: Storms. Elokhar is Dalinar’s Tien.

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