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Spoilers are unmarked.

  • The raid on the Seventh Kavalry property in Episode 1. Judd and Pirate Jenny are communicating with Sister Night and the other officers from what appears to be a surveillance van. Then, one of the Kavalry escapes in a plane, Angela calls for support, and it's revealed that Judd and Jenny aren't in a surveillance van at all, but a fully functional Owlship, which goes after the plane with flame-throwers ablaze. After spending the episode with only small references to the comic, seeing this was glorious, even if the Owlship ends up crashing to earth only moments later.
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  • In Episode 3, there is the sight of Adrian Veidt in a comic accurate recreation of his old Ozymandias outfit.
  • The flashback in Episode 5 reveals the one thing that Zack Snyder wouldn't touch with his otherwise largely-faithful adaptation: the corpse of the giant squid, in all its gory glory.
  • The show is bold enough to reveal Hooded Justice as a completely different person than the few canon hints have provided, a black cop who finally got fed up with the systemic racism he witnessed and took on a white identity to use their own violent tactics against them, finally just snapping and murdering a whole group of Klansmen.
  • The writers really top themselves with An Almost Religious Awe:
    • The Seventh Kalvary's plan is a plot right out of a comic book: They're building a machine that is meant to capture Dr. Manhattan, destroy him, and turn all of them into a being just like him.
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    • After Lady Trieu drops this bombshell she gives Angela another; Dr. Manhttan isn't on Mars at all but in Tulsa this entire time posing as a human.
    • Angela then beats them both when she returns home and after telling Cal she loves him, bashes his skull in. She then digs out of his head a small ring with floating sphere in the center before an eerie blue glow appears.
      Angela: Hey, baby. We're in fucking trouble.
    • Episode 5 ended with a Seventh Kavalry hitsquad marching into Wade's house with rifles. The next time we see them, in Episode 7, they're all dead, and Wade is nowhere to be found.
  • A God Walks Into Abar puts Dr. Manhattan back in action, teleporting onto the front lawn to save Angela's life and casually annihilating a small squad of Seventh Kavalry goons.
  • Adrian Veidt goads the Game Warden into shooting him, collapses when the shot rings out, and then reveals the bullet between his fingers, a trick that was challenging enough to him that he avoided performing it in his prime. He then stabs the Warden with the horseshoe, tells him he wasn't a worthy adversary, and strides to the rocket sent for him, all in costume. His sanity may have slipped on Europa, but his skills never did.
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  • Lady Trieu reveals that the entire Seventh Kavalry was nothing but a pathetic Big Bad Wannabe all along, simply carrying out her own plan and never having a chance of achieving their own goals, before casually killing them all. Nothing of value was lost.
  • After nearly 35 years, Laurie finally gets to bring Adrian Veidt to justice, with a full confession that in his arrogance he never thought could come back to bite him.


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