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  • In the original edition, The Ordo Dracul's Coils of the Dragon were passive disciplines that modified the dragons' existing state, making easier to be a vampire; this was considered to be a step in the right direction towards the Ordo's goal of transcendence. In Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle, The Coils will be proof that the Ordo can, will, and do succeed in transcending the Vampiric Condition.
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  • The Ghoul section of Half-Damned mentions an incident in Budapest that was both awesome and heartwarming; back there, the Prince never showed himself in person for over a century, instead relying on his female Ghoul to serve as his Mouth of Sauron. At some point, a Carthian Kindred grew hot-headed and, when called out for his vulgar behaviour by said Ghoul, struck her, mockingly boasting there wouldn't be any repercussion. As it turned out, the reason the Prince never appeared in person was because he was a Child Kindred (as in, someone who was Embraced as a child), and the Ghoul was his surrogate mother. Within a hour of the incident, he showed up in person and ripped the Carthian to pieces while screaming "You hurt my mother". No vampire has ever accosted ghouls in Budapest since that time.


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