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  • Just about any of the official (and canonized) Assault maps in 2004 are recreations of historical feats:
    • In AS-BP2-Acatana, the attacking team takes the place of a group of Skaarj Marauders who infiltrate a research facility protected by a dangerous asteroid field and advanced defense systems in order to steal some blueprints.
    • In AS-BP2-Jumpship, the attacking team takes Izanagi's raiding team's place with the objective to hijack a jumpship developed by Liandri scientists which allows them to jump into any space without the need of a jumpgate. As of Unreal Tournament III, which takes place way after 2004, this jumpship is still in Izanagi's hands.
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    • AS-BP2-SubRosa has the attacking team taking the place of an N.E.G. raiding group which storms the headquarters at Liandri with the objective to uncover the truth about some blueprints.
    • In an inversion of "you play as the Empire, your enemy is the Resistance", AS-BP2-Thrust recreates the storming of an N.E.G. facility at the hands of an anti-N.E.G. group who managed to destroy a rocket sending it half-fueled and directionless.
    • In AS-Convoy, the attacking team takes the place of an N.E.G. squad on their mission to recover some prototype missiles from a group of Hellions.
    • AS-FallenCity has the attacking team once again in the N.E.G. side raiding a rebel outpost surrounded with heavy anti-aircraft protection.
    • AS-Glacier is another chapter of the Corporation wars. A strike force backed by Axon raided an Izanagi base and stole a prototype Ion Plasma Tank. The base itself? It was guarded by both Izanagi soldiers and the N.E.G. elite force, composed by some guys going by the name of "Thunder Crash".
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    • AS-Mothership is the recreation of the raid to the eponymous Skaarj Mothership in humanity's Darkest Hour, where a group of humans managed to blow it up by Blowing Stuff Up. It even includes a full-fledged space fight with ships, subverting both Cutscene Power to the Max and Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
    • AS-RobotFactory has an elite squad of Liandri's best soldiers finishing a robot uprising on a mechanical asteroid by destroying its manufacturation facility and the AI generator.
  • DM-Rankin, by far, the most played map of UT2004. It helps a bit that both maps were available since the first demo.
  • ONS-Torlan, also from 2004, which also received an official remake for Unreal Tournament III. And in 5 different flavours, to top it all. It also has the distinction of being the most played Onslaught map of the game. And for good reasons.
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  • DM-Inferno, a map which takes place in Hell.
  • Though not to the extent of the original map, DM-Phobos2 is still really cool, especially with the updated graphics.
  • The backstory behind DM-BP2-GoopGod. As the Nali are basically the bitches of the Skaarj, at least they've managed to keep this temple safe from them.


  • The intro cutscene for Unreal Tournament 2003. Accompanied with two kickass tracks and a funny moment.
  • Malcolm was presented in 2003 as the reigning, nine-time champion of the Tournament. Come 2004 and Gorge managed to strip him off the title.
  • As usual, several of the Tournament combatants' have impressive feats in their careers:
    Scarab's description: [He's] A Lieutenant in the Desert Legion and veteran of three tribal wars. (...)
    Gkublok's description: Gkublok was named "Walking Death" by the Nali during his stay on Na Pali.
    Outlaw's description: Outlaw was recruited into the Hellions after he reputedly went on a cross-galaxy crime spree in which he murdered nearly 300 civilians.
    Karag's description: Before joining the Iron Guard, Karag honed his weapon handling skills during a long stint as a Marshall for the Terran Colonial Authority.
    • The returning characters are all acknowledged as in-universe badasses:
    Lauren's description: Born into a poor asteroid miner family, she became notorious by stealthily eradicating her parents' competitors in space before becoming a full time Tournament warrior.
    Xan's description: Former Tournament champion Xan Kriegor is an almost mythical figure. His return from several years of isolation has been greeted with great trepidation by other Tournament competitors.
    Malcolm's description: Needs no introduction - most famous veteran of the Tournaments, recognized on every planet.
    Kragoth's description: Known as the 'Star Slayer,' Kragoth is a dread Necris Phayder assassin. He is rumored to have single handedly killed the entire crew of an ICV Star Cruiser.


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