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Trivia / Unreal Tournament 2004

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  • Canon Discontinuity: For Epic themselves and many people, Unreal Tournament 2003 never existed, and said game is a beta version of Unreal Tournament 2004 instead. It gets weird storyline-wise, since the events of that game (most notably Gorge being the current Champion) still technically happened.
    • Unreal Championship 1 and 2 were also erased from the timeline.
  • Cut Song:
    • 2003 has three unused menu themes as well as "Level 2"note .
    • 2004 has two unused menu themesnote , the themes "Hell" and "Level 9"note , and "Onslaught 06". As for "Level 2", it found use as the BGM for the map DOM-Renascent.
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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Most of the content of the Bonus Pack 2 is composed by entries of the "Make Something Unreal Contest". CTF-CBP2-Pistola won the Best Map award, while all of the Assault maps except AS-BP2-SubRosa were placed between 1º and 5º places in the Best Assault Map category.
  • Updated Re-release: It should be noted that all of the upgrades and features available in the updated releases are also available as free downloads to owners of the original game. 2004' serves as a notable exception, where instead owners of 2003 were able to receive a discount on their purchase of the game.
    • Unreal Tournament 2004 towards Unreal Tournament 2003: UT2003 + its two Bonus Packs + extra content.
    • 2004 itself has the Editor's Choice Edition, which included several mods and the Editor's Choice Edition Bonus Pack, which was later released as another free Bonus Pack.
  • Working Title: Unreal Tournament 2003 started it's development as Unreal Tournament 2. It was changed by Digital Extremes in order to emphasize the sport side of the franchise.


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