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  • From the single player campaign trailer: "Trust me."
  • The "Pilots" gameplay trailer is basically wall-to-wall this, complete with extended parkour sequences, cool displays of new tools and weapons, and all of it backed up to USS's "Yin Yang."
  • The IMC live-fire training environment factory. Just for the sheer scale of it and the platforming you'll do...
  • The sequence inside the IMC research facility where you use the Grizzly Op device to jump back and forth between two timelines at will! This prompts what is possibly the coolest tooltip in all of gaming:
    Press LB to Time Travel
  • Kuben Blisk. When Cooper wiped out dozens of his mercenaries, take down all his best pilots, generated billions dollars worth of corporate damage and foiling IMC's plan almost single-handedly, his response in the end is to give the guy his business card and walk away!! Double points for disobeying the man who hired him in the first place, General Marder, telling him that he should've put it in his contract.
    • Certainly a step up from the trigger-happy brutal killer with zero remorse for the colonists. Sure, he's still fighting for the IMC and has no qualms with pretty awful methods of getting his job done, but he's only doing what he's paid to do, and once his contract's complete, he just moves on to other clients while the IMC leader orders him to do what he wasn't paid to do.
  • The scene in Ash's factory where Cooper holds his own against several waves of Spectres and two Reapers. Better yet, the achievement you get for pulling this off is called. "I'm Not Locked In Here With You!" They are locked in with Cooper.
  • The massive starship chase scene, in which the Militia assembles a miniature fleet to take down the IMC ships transporting the Ark. Starts off with Viper blowing you and a dozen other Militia ships out of the sky, Barker swooping in for a surprise appearance to save Cooper and BT, and then has you platform across the fleet onto an IMC ship to commandeer it. The level designers essentially floored the Awesome pedal to the metal and then stuck a cinderblock there for most of the level.
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  • Cooper's last on-foot romp near the final with a Smart Pistol, taken from BT-7274's SERE kit, in hand. The notorious weapon of the first Titanfall is back, and for good this time!
  • A bit meta, but Respawns' business model for Titanfall 2 shows remarkable growth and an admirable resistance to current industry trends. In an age of microtransactions, RNG-based loot drops, map packs and season passes, many were expecting Titanfall 2 to succumb to some of these trends, especially given the original titles' own Season Pass content. However, Respawn bucked most of these features, offering one of the most customer-friendly business models out there. All of the DLC so far is either entirely cosmetic (camos, banners, logos and the only-aesthetically-different-from-normal Prime Titans) or free-of-charge game updates (maps, weapons, player executions and the Monarch Titan), and the only RNG-based system in the game is the Corporate Gift system, which gives the player camos, banners, logos, in-game currency or the Coliseum Tickets.
    • Another is that Respawn listens to its' player-base. Quite a lot of the adjustments that they have made to the game post-launch have been at the request of the games' community. From pre-release concerns like the aforementioned changes to their business model compared to the first game, to addressing some of the communities' biggest complaints such as:
      • Alterations to the weapon load-out systems (giving a third weapon slot to weapon loadouts, changing the Coliseum loadout regularly)
      • How the Frontier Titan Warpaints worked (the warpaints feature a potential bonus to XP when playing Frontier Defense, but Prime Titans cannot equip warpaints. Respawn separated the warpaint from its' XP booster, assigned the boost to the shoulder-pad and allowed said pad to be equippable separately. They also extended how long said warpaints were going to be on sale for, allowing players who hadn't bought the warpaints due to this restriction more time to do so after it had been lifted.)
      • Changing the in-game credit system (by making every item available through the Advocate Gift system purchasable via. in-game credits)
      • Reverting a controversial change made to the Grapple Pilot ability after community complaints.
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  • The Pulse Blade pilot ability reveals all targets in a vicinity of where the blade lands. The blade itself does damage to whatever (or whoever) it hits, even resulting in a One-Hit KO against Pilots. It can also be used to damage Titans (if you hit one of the critical areas). By extension, it is also possible to kill a Titan with one.
  • Meta example: Think Gamesager was fast? Cash Mayo raises you one more, beating the Gauntlet within a flat 12 seconds., shaving well over 13 seconds off Sager's time. This feat was so awesome, Respawn made a character whose feat involves doing the exact same thing, with basically the exact same strategy, in Apex Legends. Reality Ensues with him, but still.
  • This love letter to movement system in Titanfall 2.

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