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Awesome / The Crazies (2010)

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  • When David was ambushed by a pair of crazies inside his own house, they turned out to be Rory's wife and son, out for revenge. He got stabbed and choked, and a KNIFE through his hand, yet still managed to take both of them out with help. With the same knife still lodged in his hand. Badass Normal indeed.
    • "Look at me you crazy bitch! That's it. I fucking shot him! I did it! He walked onto that field with a loaded shotgun! And I'm glad I did! They should give me a fucking medal! I finally killed the town drunk!"
  • The Nuke
  • When Judy was hiding in the big rig as David fought the crazies, a crazy comes in looking for her. The mild-mannered, kind, frightened doctor shoots him in the head.
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  • Russell, knowing he is infected, buys the other survivors time by distracting the military.
  • David respectfully negotiates with Russel to lower his gun and talk, politely says "Okay, here's the deal"...and sucker punches him.


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