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Nightmare Fuel / The Crazies (2010)

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Spoilers rampant below. You've been warned.
  • The baseball scene at the beginning can be utterly terrifying due to how realistic it can seem. At this point, we know very little about the infection and what it causes people to do. We're given a bit of levity showing David at the baseball game, with the town enjoying themselves...only to have a seemingly-drunk, gun-toting man wander onto the field and begin threatening people. It's something that could theoretically happen anywhere.
  • The start of the car wash scene.
  • A farmer locks his family inside the closet and burns them to death.
  • At the morgue, David finds dead bodies with their eyes and mouths stitched shut, presumably while they were still alive.
    • The priest was still alive - as soon as the thread keeping his lips closed was cut, he told David, "Behind you."
  • The bone saw actually breaking free of the mortician's grip and coming at David's groin, almost as if it too were enraged.
  • Scotty gets shot down by the army racing towards his mother, and when she goes to him hysterically, they shoot her too and torch their bodies.
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  • The infected principal stabs potential infectees with a pitchfork while they're tied down to a gurney.
  • While waiting for David, Judy finds a truck full of the "uninfected townspeople" that the army completely killed and torched regardless of that fact.
  • The entire town is nuked anyway.
  • In the DVD extras, a motion comic includes the story of the young pilot whose plane caught on fire and who was forced to crash-land into the swamp with the plane that carried the bioweapon. As he hangs helplessly as his parachute is caught in a tree, he cries out for help, but no one hears him. He looks down at his helmet to see his reflection—the poisonous water is on his face, graphically melting it off.
  • The main page image, which features a Pierce County sign riddled with bulletholes and the words "Help us" carved on it.


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