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Awesome / The Avengers (1960s)

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The Avengers

  • John Steed has one MoA in the episode "The Girl From AUNTIE", when he strolls into the villain's office and "goes undercover" with: "Good afternoon! My name is..." (Ostentatiously produces a large collection of business cards, flips through them, selects one, hands it over...) "...Wayne Pennyfeather Fitch!"
  • In "The House that Jack Built", Emma is trapped in a house that is actually a machine designed to drive her to her death. She's initially a bit flummoxed by it, but then very effectively reasons out what it is, how it works, and how to stop it. By the time Steed gets there, she's destroyed the house's computerized brain, and is perfectly safe.
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  • Another one for Steed in "A Touch of Brimstone" - infiltrating the revived Hellfire Club, he's given an alarmingly huge goblet of strong drink as part of an initiation... he leisurely downs it without a break, then politely asks for a little more.
  • In "A Sense of History", Steed is accosted by a group of rogue students and their extremely nasty leader. They attempt to bully Steed, but he grabs the leaders arm, obviously causing the leader extreme pain, all the while carrying on a casual conversation.
    Professor: (after breaking up the crowd of students) If he bothers you again, just contact the Headmaster.
    Steed: I'll do better than that. (pause) I'll break his arm.
  • Tara King fighting off her would-be-killers, Earle and Gardiner, in "The Curious Case of the Countless Clues", despite her broken ankle. Indeed, by the time Steed arrives to her "rescue", Tara has not only beaten to two, but is also calmly waiting for him with her feet up and drinking some tea.
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  • Tara versus Gerard Kafka's gang in "Noon Doomsday". She's the only line of defense left to protect Steed as he's recovering from previous injuries, and she's more than up to the task, killing all of the mooks bar Kafka, including sending a throwing knife back at the mook who threw it at her. And just as Kafka is about to kill an immobilized Tara, he is offed by Steed, who had a speargun concealed in his crutch.


The New Avengers

  • In "The Last of the Cybernauts", Purdey and Gambit become the first characters in the whole Avengers universe to effectively destroy a Cybernaut — one of the implacable Killer Robots that gave Steed and Emma Peel so much trouble —, by kicking it down the shaft of a staircase.

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