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  • In "The Curious Case of the Countless Clues", the Sherlock Holmes Expy falls for the false clues left by the killers, while Steed remains less than convinced.
    Steed: And clumsy.
    Sir Arthur Doyle: Clumsy?
    Steed: Well look around, they've left everything except their name and address.
  • In "Death at Bargain Prices," Emma Peel is working undercover as a department store clerk:
    Steed: I asked the chief predator where to find you and he said, "Our Mrs. Peel is in ladies' underwear." I rattled up the stairs three at a time.
    • Later in the episode, a knife gets thrown at Steed. He deflects it with a cricket - and it hits a dartboard. This prompts a pleased Squee! from him.
    "It's all in the grip."
    • The very end has him summing up the situation (where the villains had been planning to blow up the department store).
    "We saved them from the biggest closing down sale in history."
  • In "The Danger Makers," Emma receives a box of chocolates from a suspect in the case, and Steed treats it as if it is a bomb:
    Steed: (after carefully opening the box with a knife and tweezers) Ah, thought so.
    Mrs. Peel: Booby trapped?
    Steed: (gingerly removing a wrapped piece with the tweezers) Whatever you do, don't touch the wrapped ones.
    Mrs. Peel: Why not?
    Steed: Because I like them. (he pops it in his mouth as Emma slams the box shut)
  • In "The Hour That Never Was," Steed and Mrs. Peel are forced to walk to a soon to be abandoned RAF base because a dog had run in front of their car, causing Steed to crash:
    Steed: This stretch of road hasn't changed in years. Cross the bridge, through the trees, across green grassy banks to RAF Station 472 Hamelin. I've driven across this road a hundred times during the war.
    Mrs. Peel: Well, since you know it so well, it's remarkable you couldn't stay on it.
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  • Also from the same episode:
    Steed: Returning from a mission, hunched over the controls, eyes rimmed with fatigue, the men groaning in the back.
    Mrs. Peel: Where had you been, the war?
    Steed: No, the local pub.
  • In "Silent Dust," Steed leaves Mrs. Peel alone at the pub so he can approach a local woman and get some information:
    Steed: I'll see what I can pick up here.
    Mrs. Peel: I'm sure you'll pick up... something.
  • "The Hidden Tiger" is full of them, thanks to a generous dose of cat puns.
    • When Steed is worried the cats will give him away, he whispers "I'll be as quiet as a mouse."
    • The villains sum the situation up as "cats are going to kill the curious in this case..."
    • Mrs Peel gets the last one in as the episode ends.
    Steed: By acting as we did, we narrowly averted a terrible...
    He stands in her paint bucket.
    Mrs Peel: Catastrophe.
    • When the cat Mr Cheshire gave her scratches her, Mrs Peel remarks "I think that's grounds for divorce."


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